Love this #79 - but don't tell MOH

A picture of this wallpaper arrived in my mailbox recently and I couldn't help but like it.  The email that accompanied it called it an accidental homage to the Tour de France which finishes today.  He's been very into following the race, each stage, who wins and of course the crashes and the protests. And that's why you can't tell MOH, just in case he gets any ideas.

I'm not totally oblivious to the race, and will Geraint become the first Welshman to win the tour? 

You'll know we've recently added a map wall on one of our curved wall, which I love.  And although I'm rather taken with this one, I think one mural wallpaper per property is probably enough.

We don't have a wall for this to go on either, so I know it's not an option for us but I was thinking what room it might work in best.  I could see it in a breakfast room, or an office perhaps, but really I think it'd work anywhere where you needed a bit of a boost, what do you think?