Big Ideas: A cocooning kitchen

I can always tell how much I like a room set by the number of photos I take, and you can tell from this post I was rather keen on this one, and I haven’t included all the ones I have.

The Big Ideas for this cocooning kitchen are:

  1. Dark & Dreamy, with the refined textures and handcrafted feel

  2. Timeless flooring, decorative parquet always has the maximum impact

  3. Tropical elements, whether that’s focal point plants, or the wallpaper, but it’s a great way to personalise your space

  4. Gold accents add a luxurious touch and bring a boutique look

  5. Wine & Dine, the bench style seating is great for entertaining.

dark and moody and a pop of colour

Just look at the darkness of the colours, the texture of the tiles, the pattern on the floor and the pop of colour from the chair. Hang on, at first I didn’t notice anything wrong, but looking again the chair looked a little unusual. Stepping back, it was reassuring to know that even for room sets there are hiccups.



Although the legless chair does have a certain air of comfort about it!

a dining space in the kitchen

There’s wood flooring, on the cupboards and in the dining space, along with the touches of gold, on the table and hanging above it.

stools, table legs and chairs

I think it’s the tiles that make this work, they reflect light, add texture and look simply gorgeous. Clearly it’s not a proper kitchen, I mean where’s the kettle?

the kitchen area

The wallpaper too adds some quirkiness and even though it matches the dark and dreamy brief, it’s also colourful and quirky.

a close up of the wallpaper

It might not be an obvious choice of wallpaper for a kitchen, but it works doesn’t it? Though you do have to be careful for the insects…

insects everywhere

What do you think?