Interiors inspiration Yorkshire style

You might remember this photo from Instagram? It was from our first trip into the nearest town, Ripon, on our recent week in Yorkshire, where we stumbled upon a fantastic interiors shop The Castle.

And there was much more loveliness besides.  So much that I did well to leave with just a cushion and two coasters.  Even MOH could have picked up more, but you can bet he was pleased we didn't!

I don't need any lamps, but I was rather taken with this chartreuse chinoiserie-style lamp bases.  Deep breath, and move on quickly...

Lime chinois-like lamps

But then there was the fun and funky fish coasters - thankfully blue's not my colour, so it was easier to carry on walking after stopping to admire them.

fish coasters

But then there were more lamps.  These brought back memories of walking in the South West, where we often pass by similar piles of stones.

How about these lamp bases?

It was the type of place that had the knack of organising things, just so.  The pewter dish was much harder to walk past, but shuffled along quickly by MOH we didn't even get to the "where would you put it" stage.

time for coffee

The other reason for not resisting the shuffling along, was what was in front of me.  I mean, who wouldn't be drawn to a display like this.

all the items are effortlessly displayed

Or even a drawer unit like this. 

a vintage looking set of drawers

MOH knew he needed to act when we got to this unit, and so he predictably pulled out the "it needs a good rub down" line.  Remember this is the person that tried to dust a purposefully dusty bottle of wine, so he has form.  And to be fair so do I, I was already daydreaming where this could go, there isn't anywhere in our house that would work, so I'd quickly moved onto storage solution options.  

I fell in love with this wire fronted sideboard

It is that gorgeous, and if we had a proper hall or space that it would work in, then there would most likely have needed to be a Serious Conversation.  Yes capitalised, so you know it's serious.

But thankfully for our bank balance, we didn't, although I wish we did!

So if you're in Ripon, or close by, do pop along to The Castle, it really is a shop of simple pleasures.  Just don't buy my unit...