Across the Board at Gardeners' World Live

It's been a little while since I shared a post from our visit to Gardeners' World Live so what better to share today, than this garden designed and created by Conquest Creative Spaces.  It's one of those spaces that while it looked great, it also looked realistic and one I'd be happy to have.

There were a couple of elements that, apart from its 'realness' appealed to me, which were:

  • Corten steel planters, looking at these again while writing this post, I'm thinking it's a good thing that my recent order for new pots has turned into such a debacle, but more on that another day,
  • A chunky oak pergola that would provide some respite from this summer's heat, and protection from a more usual summer!
A calming tranquil garden space at Gardeners' World Live

And that's even without mentioning the gabion design elements - I tell you, they really are the thing to have, you'll start to see them more and more in gardens, domestic and otherwise and they're no longer just for the sides of motorways.

I think one of the things that gives this garden its everyday feel is the meadow planting, which might at first glance be misconstrued for weeds, or it would it my garden anyway.  But it's nature, and natural, which is always my argument too.

Stepping stones and a swing

It also shows that you can build a swing seat into a small space and do it stylishly so.  I think this swing is more likely aimed at the gentle movement, rather than the climb as high as you can that I remember from my youth - that was quite the challenge wasn't it?  I'm sure mums everywhere would peek through their hands just hoping momentum would keep us on the seats.

But yes, the Corten steel planters, aren't they just great?

Corten steel planters - swoon!

Even MOH is a fan, and this is the man that likes things clean and pristine.  But their beauty really is their markings and age, and I can't help but sigh every time I think about how I could manoeuvre some into our garden.  I haven't worked out how yet, but I'm not prepared to give up just yet. 

Plants softening the structures in the space

I'm also a fan of planting between hard landscape and while that's more usually around paving slabs and bricks, this bolder and more modern take with what looks to be Mind your own business (the green plant) and what could be a fragrant herb - camomile? - shows how traditional ideas can be adapted and given a new lease of life.

Now wouldn't it be good to have a wooden box like this to shelter from either the sun, rain or chill in?  This one is complete with a fire pit and the log store seats look pretty and have a practical use too.  I'm definitely banking this idea for a future garden, it won't work in our garden of circles, but some day I'll have to find a garden that it will.

A corner space to retreat to

The other thing that makes this garden work for me is the mix of textures, not something you think of in gardens generally, and you'll remember that I've mentioned it for interiors on more than one occasion, so it sort of makes sense that a garden with textures also works, doesn't it? 

A cosy corner for whatever the weather

So, what do you think - is this a garden for you, or are there elements that have inspired you?