Reflecting on my week #46

I didn't write a weekly post last week as it had been a peculiar week and one where it was harder to be as positive as usual, not that it was a completely negative week but it just seemed to be one thing after another.  As I said in Friday's post it was my FIL's funeral last week and there was plenty of family time both preparing for day and afterwards too.  We shared memories, learnt some new ones and mostly avoided getting soaked in the torrential rain.

Back home over the weekend while plumping my cushions in the conservatory (not a euphemism!) I noticed that one of our topiary box balls was looking worse for wear.  I immediately assumed box blight, but with the help of the t'internet learnt it was box caterpillar.  The plant was covered in them, all munching their way through the ball.  With two other box balls close by immediate - and drastic - action was needed. 

I'll save you the pictures of the caterpillars, they're ugly little things but needless to say this is all that's left of the plant.  So far the root is being particularly stubborn and refusing to completely budge.  And no wonder, I guess, they've most likely been in the pots for the best part of fifteen years.  

All that's left of our box ball after some drastic action to combat the box caterpillar

Plan B is likely to follow when we get some time, and that cardboard I was collecting for use at the allotment could get its day.  The alternative thinking plan is if we can't get the root out of the pot (and the pots are waist high) then we'll empty the pot and tackle it another way!  I'm intrigued to see how large the root is...

But that wasn't all, the pot saga - or rather lack of pot saga - continued, it seems that some of the pots  I ordered on 24 July are now not expected until 8 September, and none of the order would be delivered.  So guess what, I no longer have an order with that company and I'm not happy about the level of service received, including some of the responses from the company and not actually having the pots after all.  I'm sure there are more pots out there, and I know things happen for a reason but even so....

I was also missing a shoe and handbag parcel - I was beginning to think it wasn't my week either at this point - and it turned out that the carrier decided to take it directly to our local collection point rather than attempt delivery where we'd asked for it.  Typically I discovered this the day after it was due to be returned to the sender, but thankfully with some quick work on their part it was located and held so I could collect it after all, and I'm pleased to hear they'll be asking questions of their delivery partners.  

The shoes and handbag are lovely though - pale pink suede - but more on those another day, I was pleased that things had started to turn more positive again.  I'm feeling quite smug about my recent shopping too as I'm all sorted outfit-wise for the wedding we're attending in October, so no last minute rushing around for me.  I can't believe it either - totally not my style!

We had our own cushion crazy moment too, I managed to convince MOH that we needed more cushions - we’d been moving the ones we had between the conservatory and living room sofas as required - resourceful, but not a long term strategy. Although he wasn't convinced when I said we needed another eight on top of the three we already had and the one that mum was making and one that I have planned. Nor when I said I didn’t want them all matchy-matchy either. But he went with it and we came home from Marks and Homesense with six new cushions and plans for the final two, which we’ll try elsewhere for. 

We were in Norfolk this weekend and so here’s a peek at the cushion cover mum made for our conservatory sofa. Complete with bobbles, or as you’ve heard me talk about many a time here pom-poms. Fab, isn’t it?

A sneak peak at my latest cushion made by mum

I’ve also made progress on cutting out the squares for my scrappy quilt, making use of a magic 2 1/2” Perspex square. Now all thirty three patterned fabrics are cut and ready for the next step of deciding  how to place them, before starting to sew them back together, and when you say it like that patchwork is a funny old thing isn’t it?

progress with cutting out squares for my quilt

 I’ve a feeling that I will have many squares left though, and some more than others, as when I looked at the booklet again I realised there’s a mini quilt included which uses leftover squares, ah well, I’ll be making a start on a square stash, and who knows, maybe even getting ahead for my next quilt.

As we left dad ensured we left with produce from his garden: runner beans and tomatoes, which are always very welcome. I’m hoping that my tomatoes will get the hang of turning red soon, or otherwise this could be the year for green tomato ketchup again (which isn’t such a bad thing actually)

dad's home grown tomatoes and runner beans

I left with flowers too, dahlias and Japanese anemones which I’ve carefully arranged (aka plonked) in a vase. 

dahlias and japanese anemone from dad's garden

And that’s not all, I captured this picture with mum and dad’s garden in the foreground as the Lancaster left the kite and classic car show taking place just down the road.

A Lancaster over the houses in Norfolk

It flew over the garden twice as part of the show and was quite something, especially as it felt like we had our own private display, it’s not everyday that a Lancaster flies over the garden is it?