A Portuguese planter

This rustic, but full of bright flowering lilies and other plants, was spotted on our second trip to Portugal some five years ago. It’s the sort of photo that you don’t always remember, but when you see it you’re immediately transported back to where it was taken. So much so that I can tell you it was which village it was taken in, Odeceixe, and why we were there, to see the windmill, and that we also managed to find a great cake shop. Well, when in Portugal.

I thought I’d test my theory, and looked up the Windmills in Odeceixe post which I posted here in 2015. And sure enough, I knew I was right before I spotted it. And then I did, I’d shared this photo back then and forgotten all about it. That isn’t going to stop me sharing it again though. As you can see.

A stone planter complete with brightly coloured flowers

The fruit trees too are set off by the whitewashed walls, and you can feel the heat can’t you?

Fruit trees in the Alentejo
lemons for your G&T

The trees aren’t technically flowers, but they must flower before they fruit so I’m counting them into this Flowers on Friday post. And who doesn’t need a lemon for their G&T on Friday?