Reflecting on my week #47

As you saw in Friday's post, my magic square of perspex arrived from mum and I know, having tried mum's out, will make cutting out quilts much easier.  After a busy week at work I was keen to take some time out Saturday morning and do the next step on my quilt.  Now that the squares are cut, and perhaps as the weather starts to turn, there seems to be momentum building for my scrappy quilt.  

After encouraging MOH out on a bike ride, I commandeered our table and set about laying out the squares in piles of one, four, eight and twelve to sort the patterned fabrics into their Great Granny Squares.  It took longer than I expected sorting out these squares, but was quite therapeutic, and the table was just about big enough.

I was short of four squares in one of the fabrics, which I didn't think was bad going.  

I could have spent twice as long, if not more, putting the squares into their matched sections but instead decided to set a couple of principles - only one set of stripes in each set, ideally at least one small flowered pattern, and a mix of old clothes and purpose bought fabric.  At one stage I thought I'd have to revisit my choices, but as the number of squares went down I realised I'd managed to just about do it.  

Going with my gut feel over the colour matches seemed to work, and as it's meant to be a scrappy quilt I didn't want it to look too "designed" - but given the speed of progress, I now have many photos that look similar to the one below, which I fully expect to need to refer to several times as I go on.



I'm still not at the sewing stage, I've some cream background material to cut out, but first I need to dismantle the old duvet cover.  That's provisionally pencilled in for next weekend, as even though it's taken me a while to get this far, I'm still keen to make this one.  We've a handmade quilt on our bed, one made by mum for our wedding (and it's a beauty) and is also invaluable, especially at this time of year when a sheet is too little, but even the summer duvet is too much, or for me at least.

It could just be me though and that overactive thyroid of mine.  We went out with friends on Sunday, in the rain, and I realised looking at the photos everyone else appears to be dressed for the weather, with proper shoes and coats, however I'm in sandals, white trousers and a short sleeved top.  I did have an umbrella and a cardy in my bag, but the cardy never got an outing.

Oops, I think my annual blood test check-up is probably due.

I’m quite enjoying the cooler weather too, which is probably also thyroid related.  It’s been nice to know that I can take my rings off easily each night, and while the wet weather gives me the usual shoe dilemmas, it’s been nice to eat what I’m calling proper food again, cooked in the oven and not thrown onto the barbecue.  MOH cooked duck breasts in plum sauce, and I think he’ll be cooking them again. 

I do like autumn food, but I’d be happy for some sun interspersed days too, I think that’d work. 

In other craft-related news, my first ever crocheted throw is complete.  It's a mix of granny squares - are you spotting a theme yet? - but it's all joined, the ends are sewn in and a simple granny square border has been added, and I'm pleased with it.

completed spring crochet throw

It's currently on the spare bed, even though it doesn't go with the duvet cover, but I think it'll sort the border out a little as some of it is a bit frilly - and if it doesn't sort it out, I'll tell everyone that the frilly was part of the plan...

That leaves me with a decision to make, and that's which of my planned crochet projects to start next - the current favourite is the vintage sweethearts blanket by Cherry Heart, but of course I'll be putting my own stamp on it with the colour choices. 

Making a choice though hasn't been helped by spending quite a bit of the weekend with my nose in online cross stitch magazines.  Now I have a list of cross stitch projects as long as both of my arms, and that's on top of the one I rediscovered back in 2014 which is no further forward and this sewing project for the future, which is still for the future.  On the flip side though, it's nice to be inspired and not have to search for something when I need it...

There has been non-craft activity this week too, with a burst of energy and enthusiasm on the Bank Holiday we spent the afternoon sorting more out in our spare bedroom with most of it repatriated to the conservatory, and some of it to the bin and charity shop bags. It's amazing isn't it, we haven't used something - or even seen it for a couple of months - so we can hardly say it's an essential, can we?

Here's hoping to more crafting, some less grey days and a week where some more of my tomatoes ripen.