A wander around my garden

Our garden this year has taken a bit of a back seat with everything else that’s gone on, and with the warmer weather, but a few bursts of rain and it’s (thankfully) bouncing back, and growing some more, so today I’m sharing photos from my garden this month.

The herbs that I bought from RHS Hyde Hall in Essex in July are doing well, especially the mint - I clearly need some warmer weather back, as I’ve mojitos to drink... 

herbs gone wild

We’ve been treated to some pretty looking berries this year from the Chilean potato plant, usually the plant is tamed way before the berry stage, but not this year.  I’m hoping to buy a new garden ladder, and this is one of the plants I want it for so I’m holding out to use it for that. The berries have brought increased bird activity to this part of the garden, some of it unwanted, “fighting” pigeons anyone? They’ve also encouraged smaller birds, blackbirds, tits and robins, which have all been welcome, so I’m thinking there has to be a happy compromise for next year.

berries on the chilean potato plant

The ferns are looking a little crunchy, but no less pretty, especially against the slate.

ferns and slate

Our honesty plants are also doing their thing, helped along I’m sure by the weather. I liked how these look already, and the detail that my iPhone has picked up.


Our lettuces are basking in the sun, and have mostly repelled the slugs and snails. We need to get on with eating it though, as I’m sure there’ll come a time when it’s a race between us and the mollusks.

lettuce in pots

My outdoor tomatoes are ripening, and with regular feeds the greenhouse tomatoes are coming on nicely. I know our tomatoes are usually later in the season, with our north facing garden, and they’re getting there, and are well worth the wait.

tomatoes ripening

Outside the greenhouse, the heucheras from dad are thriving and their purple leaves bring a different shade to our garden. 

purple heucheras

My succulent trug has got some invaders, but ones that I’m happy with as I think they’re self-seeded foxgloves, so when the weather is a little more forgiving I’ll move them to where I want them to grow as there’s nothing better than free plants. 

self-seeded foxgloves in with my succulents

There’s some rather large pears on our pear tree, and I suspect they’re as hard as usual, which most probably makes them cookers. We never get to find out as the squirrels forget this and either help themselves and have a bit of a nibble before moving onto something more tasty. 

One of the pears

The strawberries have, on the whole, recovered and they’ll be moving on again once I sort out new pots for my growing space. 

strawberry plants

The olive tree has recovered with some lush green growth over the frost-tipped leaves, so that’s a relief. 

new growth on the olive plant

Elsewhere in the garden there’s a couple of clues that autumn’s not too far away.


More berries, this time elderberries, but just look at the vibrant stems and the sedums. They’re not yet turning pink, but I don’t expect it will be long.

sedum head

What are the signs that your garden gives to let you know it’s preparing for autumn?