Geometric loos

On Sunday we headed into town for drinks with friends, and it was the first time in quite a while that I'd been in the City.  We headed up towards Paternoster Square, which has changed beyond all recognition from when I played netball there many, many years ago.  The original plan was to admire the view of St Pauls and enjoying some sun, but that didn't quite work out given the weather.

So instead we wreaked havoc inside as only a group of 10+ can when they're ordering their own drink and food as it suits them.  The staff at the Happenstance coped with us well though and it was a great spot.  And as you've probably worked out, the loos weren't bad either.

I mean, just look at those geometric tiles.  

what a first view geometrics galore

While the tiles were my abiding memory, I've only really got one photo with them in.  I thought I had more, but it seems not.

I have more of the "corner planting area" which seems to be a thing in City loos as I've seen loos with succulents before, but I'm not complaining really.  Each have their own personality though, and this one came with sweets.

a corner garden arrangement
A golden pineapple lid

No really it did, under the pineapple lid I discovered these.

win - a tub of sweets

And yes, I did.  Well, it would have been rude not too, wouldn't it?  And they were clearly there for a reason...

They weren't the only thing I left with as there was this handy cocktail recipe on the mirror too.  

A cocktail recipe on the mirror

I'm a fan of Negronis and recently even splashed out on some Campari.  I don't have the Rose Vermouth - there's always something you don't have isn't there, but I'm sure we could make a substitute.

A close up of the corner plants
admiring the surroundings

It wasn't a bad bar, we had great company and as well as a bottle of wine or two there was a meat platter and some parmesan chips, they were good but I needed more of them!  And the loos were pretty geometric too, which is I think a first for the Loo Series.