The final push

In the last update - Week 4: Doors and a new floor - it was self explanatory what took place, this week was the week where it got worse before it got better.  Funny how that happens isn't it?  But in the final push there were more people here than before and while it's not a small space, when you're sharing it with other tradesmen it must be like cooking a seven course meal with MOH who somehow has the knack of standing exactly where I want to be.  Not that I cook many seven course meals, it must be said.

The main wall was painted and while it looks very grey here, it's one of those could it be grey could it be beige colour, depending on the light. And is way nicer than I'm making it sound.  Before it was a yellowy-cream which although I chose, I wasn't so keen on once it was on the wall, so it's nice to have the same colour in there that we have throughout our downstairs.

paint on the walls and filler too
Starting to see the end in sight

Looking at the walls it looks quite clear, almost finished but that's not the case as when you turn round you see all the tools.  Even though it's been good weather - and we can't believe how lucky we've been with that - I wouldn't risk having the tools in our back garden either, exposed to the elements.  Plus it's meant that unlike when we've had work done before the detritus is restricted to one room, and we get the garden mostly to ourselves.

Still a lot of builders detritus in sight though

We're really pleased with how the finish on the inside is.  The doors still have their protective white plastic, and you don't know how patient I've been keeping that there.  All I've wanted to do is rip it off to see the final effect, but it's protective for a reason isn't it?

sharp lines in the kitchen too

Originally we were going to add a two inch plain architrave around the opening, however our plans have changed because it no longer needs it.  It's strange though as the internal bifold doors were one of our gambles, but they've really made it work, and somehow not only does it look more modern, and more in keeping with the rest of our downstairs space, but it also looks as if it was built that way (and clearly it wasn't).  That's a sign of a job well done, I think.

Remember the floor, where the internal doors met the parquet flooring, that I wasn't happy with.  Well we arrived home to this note and patched in 'spare' parquet.

A note from the builders

Already it looked so much better.  The extra parquet strips were taken from underneath the mat in the porch, which isn't as temporary as it sounds.  The mat covers the small space and having taken them from the edges it's not noticeable they're not there.  We later discovered that they'd cut hardboard to make sure it didn't notice, now that's what I call taking pride in your work.

looking more finished
or maybe not!

Even with the painting finished, there was still that illusion of done-ness.  But I knew it wouldn't be long now, and instead of focusing on the centre of the room, I had my grey on grey radiator and wall to admire.

Grey on grey

You wouldn't know it was the same radiator, would you?

As well as the radiator, the other space that I'm pleased with is the floor, although when it looked like this I was beginning to have my doubts.

where the parquet flooring was matched

But then it was sanded and varnished and looked like this. It's slightly lighter than the rest of the floor, but way better to have matched this rather than adding a wide strip of wood in front of the step, don't you think?

And after the sanding and varnish

Which just left the floor of the conservatory to be finished.

A newly sanded and varnished floor

And doesn't it look great?  In five weeks our builders have transformed this space, there's been a few small hiccups along the way, but this building project has been completed with professionalism and good humour, and we're really pleased about that.  Having been burnt before, it's always nerve wracking to hand over your home in this way.

Next up, getting all (or some of) our furniture and content back into the space and keeping it's airy and modern look and feel.  That's quite some challenge and we're not totally there yet, but for the first time since we've lived here we're really using our conservatory as a proper room, rather than just as a corridor to the garden.

What do you think, so far?