Apple and pear sculptures

Not stone roses, but slate apples and pears. And giant ones at that. But totally stunning.

james parker's sculptures at Chelsea were certainly eye catching

I saw these at Chelsea and had to restrict myself to admiring their form and taking pictures for an emotional distance. The sculptures are by James Parker, who on his website says he enjoys taking unrefined materials like slate and creating something that captures the imagination of the viewer. These certainly captured mine, and not just for the largest fruit bowl ever.

Large but beautifully created
Apple or pear - which do you prefer

I think the squirrels in our garden might be quite confused by them too, although they probably have the same level of ripeness. Even though this appears to have been our best year for pears for quite a while, we’re not holding out much hope for actually eating any. The squirrels have had a few bites, and I’m sure the birds have had a peck or two. There are some that remain untouched, but I think even cooking them so they soften would be a challenge.

Maybe it’s just an ornamental pear, but on the other hand they’re nowhere near as ornamental as these.