Reflecting on my week #49

What a lovely day today was, and after a busy couple of weeks it was nice to enjoy a slightly less manic day at work, and see what’s been keeping me so busy come to life. Today at work we opened a new building for our university community, and it’s a building that I’ve not seen open before. I’ve seen it as a building site a couple of times, but not as a properly functioning and furnished building, and it was so good to see it working well. There were lots of happy, smiley faces around, and not just the students, a lot of the staff too.

Like any big project there’s a few things to sort out but it was good to leave the office at 5pm this evening and wander home through Greenwich Park in the sun. To top it all off MOH had dusted down the barbecue so out came the burgers, sweetcorn and sweet potato wedges, who knows if this will be the last barbecue of the year or not.

I didn’t manage an update in this series last week, and with long and sometimes frantic days in the office it wouldn’t have made for fun reading. Since my last update I’ve been summoned and accepted for Jury Service - again. The last time was four years ago, and this October I’ll be spending (hopefully just) two weeks doing my civil duty.

The other thing to happen is that I’ve been asked to do a reading at our friends’ wedding in October, and choosing something I think they’ll be happy with, that suits them and I can read well has also been a task. I’ve chosen one, and I hope they like it. It’s not what I thought I’d choose but after getting MOH to listen and time each of my choices, we think we’ve found a winner.

October it seems will be a busy month as well as both of these, there’s also a holiday to look forward to too. The bill came in yesterday, that’s not the best bit of a holiday is it?

My plan for Sunday was to catch up with myself on everything I’ve been putting off for the past week or so, but when it came to it my head was still full of this and that, and in the end I realised I just needed to be.

And so I did.

The timing was perfect, as MOH was out on one of those mad cycles clocking up 80 miles or so by cycling almost to Stansted airport, like you do. But it gave me the space I needed and while there was a bit of pottering, and a trip to Hobbycraft and some reading, there wasn’t much more, and it was brilliant.

Earlier in the year I chose kind as my word, and I’ve neglected that a bit but yesterday and today it’s really come back into focus. I’ve still a list as long as, well at least two arms now, but now I have the headspace to deal with it, I think, or hope I do at least.

That’s not to say I won’t be as busy, I probably will, but home and work are likely to get a little bit more in balance, even while I work through what I need to catch up on.

And following that bout of internet disruption the other week, I’ve also managed to strike a new deal with our provider, something we’d been meaning to do for a while, but hadn’t. But after three breaks in service in less than a week, it got too much. We’ve been with them for a while, and it was well worth renegotiating our deal, although when I was asked what channels we watched, I couldn’t help but wonder what insight that gave people into our lives, I reckon it really must. Our main channels are the terrestrial channels, some of the 4 channels and GOLD for MOH - one that’s only allowed on when I’m out!

We’ve easily saved £20 a month in that one phone call, albeit the phone call was actually three and took the best part of two hours. But then again, what’s a girl to do with no internet?

And yes, I know there’s much more I could have done, but by then I was on a mission…

This week I think I’ll mostly be recovering from the stresses of the past few weeks, and hopefully tick some more things off my list along the way too, what about you?