Reflecting on my week #98

I don’t think I’ve had so much time away from my blog for quite a while, if ever. But that time away isn’t because I’ve fallen out of love with it, but more because when things are full on something has to give, and that thing has been this space. Which thinking about it objectively like that, I’m not so happy about.

Today I’ve had a day out of the office at a conference for work, and it has been the best thing. Yes, work is busy, and a day out now could be classed as indulgent, but it’s also amazing for the perspective it brings. All round. I left Victoria today feeling more inspired than I have done for a while, still with a list of things I want to achieve as long as my arm, but with renewed determination to tackle the important things.

That includes making time again for this space. Making time for proper meals. And making time to do things that bring joy - and incase you think that’s related to a big tidy up, it isn’t, but it is about spending time together when we can both get off the treadmill of work-sleep-repeat.

MOH’s had it worse than me though, his hours have been crazy. When there’s seventeen hours overtime done in a single day, yes seriously, it’s all a bit wrong. It’s amazing what clarity there is when you have time, and headspace. And views like this from Platform 2 at Victoria earlier on.

view from platform 2

No doubt tomorrow I’ll be back on the grindstone and my resolve will be challenged, probably more than once. But there is only so much you can do, isn’t there?

So what else has been going on? There’s been gin. Well more precisely gin liqueur tasting. MOH headed off to Shoreditch on a Monday night and drank some gin. And very civilised - and tasty - it was too. I’ll share more another day though.

There’s been cake too. We wandered into the Farmers' Market in the Village last weekend for cake, it’s the rules when at Farmers’ Markets. And we left with two weird and wonderful creations. Mine was green, totally vegan, sugar free and as tasty as it was unusual looking. MOH opted for something slightly more traditional, but equally as gooey and between us we demolished the two - we had to share each one (another rule) and in keeping with my digital hiatus, there’s no photos.

Sunday afternoon was spent on the sun loungers in the garden, and after a long Saturday, it was needed to recover. Wasn’t the weather nice, and wasn’t it nice to be able to just sit out in the garden again? Looking ahead to this week, we’re already planning to head out to lunch on Sunday after England’s first game in the Rugby World Cup, though I noticed today as I came past our planned restaurant of choice it’s closed for a refurb, let’s hope they’re quick and open again by the weekend, or that could backfire, somewhat.