Reflecting on my week #50

Brrrr, it’s got all autumnal suddenly hasn’t it? I do like autumn, but if I could choose it would be a sunny, dry day not windy or wet. And so of course this weekend it was windy and wet, with quite a lot of both of those. I was out in town on Saturday and just about managed to stay dry, although that involved dancing around some large puddles at Waterloo, ironically.

Before heading out to meet friends I’d caught up with some chores, including the glamorous task of changing the ironing board cover and adding some new padding so the mesh pattern doesn’t show through on the clothes we iron. It’s been on the list to do for a while, and finally I cracked. I don’t iron often but when I do I don’t want the metal pattern of the ironing board showing through - I know how to live, hey?

As a reward for the ‘dullness’ I sat down and crocheted another square for my Vintage Sweetheart project. With all of the Granny Jeans completed, next up was Granny Beatrice - and the first colour-way (there’s ten more to come) seemed to suit the weather. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and especially as it was the first time I’d followed a written pattern, rather than a chart, and while it looks complicated it’s a clever mix of trebles and V-stitches.

The first of my Granny Beatrice squares for the Vintage Sweetheart blanket

I’m looking forward to seeing how the others turn out, I know some will be colourful as the one up next is mauve, orange and pink and finished in mauve. I think it’s going to be a throw that will require sunglasses, but one that’ll make you smile - or will make me smile, at least.

In the absence of anything more clever, I’ve gone with the simple approach for storing the squares as I go - numbered plastic bags. Instead of making the blanket in the sections as it was published in Crochet Now magazine, I’m adopting a more manufacturing approach and tackling each set of squares in one go, before assembling it later on.

A makeshift storage system for my crocheted squares

It was good to get back into doing some crochet, and I should get back to my patchwork quilt - especially as it’s the right kind of weather for it - but I’ve a feeling it won’t be for a few weeks yet that I turn my attention in that direction.

Last week I was looking forward to being slightly less busy, but that didn’t really happen and I’m not quite sure why. I’ll try again in the work week ahead but I’ve a feeling that it’s not going to be quite that easy, or as quiet as I hoped, but we’ll see.

What I have been enjoying though is walking through Greenwich Park on the way to and home from work, although at times it’s been dangerous with conkers falling ahead and behind me. So far they’ve not got me, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time…

The other thing that’s been different this week is how we’re eating. As work got busy, we were eating more takeaways than we usually would and if I’m honest not always enjoying them. If we cooked at home we’d opt for an easy choice, or something that could be thrown on the barbecue and not really ventured too far from our old favourites. I also noticed that we were eating more, our portion sizes were on the large side and so we needed to make more effort to get back on track.

On Friday I cooked the Smoky Chorizo Salmon from the 5 Ingredients cook book by Jamie Oliver, and it was really good, and really easy. Tasty and quick too, so much so that last night I cooked the Herby Chicken Traybake, which was equally as good, easy and tasty. Both were a good reminder that cooking doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, and that a relatively small number of ingredients can make a great dinner.

Sometimes, we all need a little push and a reminder don’t we?