Agapanthus, in anticipation...

Our agapanthus continue to make slow progress, but at least we have flowers on the way. Six to be precise. All in one pot. Our second pot, which has a smaller number of plants, hasn’t produced any this year. Either way though, we won’t have as many blooms as the photos in this post, which are from the Chelsea Flower Show back in 2015.

agapanthus at chelsea in 2015

Aren’t they great? Our flowers are white, but agapanthus are more usually blue, and the lilac ones here are taking my fancy. I mentioned earlier that our second pot has a smaller number of plants, that’s partly because it’s a year behind the first pot, but also because we lost one of the plants over the winter.

So I have a gap. An potentially a lilac agapanthus shaped gap.

blues and whites at chelsea

I’m off to the garden centre today, and if I’m lucky they may have just what I’m after…

Tiles and style at the Curious Pig

We’ve been to the Curious Pig in the Parlour in West Sussex a couple of times now for Sunday lunch, and I think we’ll be going back. it’s a great name for a pub, but it’s also a great place to eat, and the interiors are pretty special too. It’s a much bigger space than we realised on our first visit, and the interiors often had a quirky touch.

artwork in the Restaurant at the Curious Pig

The stripey deer picture was above our table, the colours and its simple frame makes it work. And looking at it again it would be relatively easy to replicate with a stencilled cut out and washi tape. Hmmm, now there’s an idea...

But it wasn’t just the artwork that appealed. Look at that flooring, tiles that wouldn’t look out of place in Portugal, wooden floors, comfortable banquette seating for our alcove table, which was generous for just the three of us, but very welcome as we felt connected but cocooned from the general hubbub of a busy pub.

Seating, tiled floors and our table at the Curious Pig
Cushions and seating at the Curious Pig

So I had high expectations of the loos, and I wasn’t disappointed. The simple, but effective, grey-green tiles were the scene stealer.

pale green tiles in the loos at the Curious Pig

The hooks were pretty special too though.

Hooks with character

And it’s a Ladies with towels to dry your hands on. Way preferable, and much more hygenic and sustainable than the hand dryers you often find.

A stack of hand towels in the Ladies

And yes, more pictures of the tiles. Though it seems a closer look shows some gaps in the grouting. And an even closer look (and yes I did) they may not be as unique and irregular as you first think, as the ‘pattern’ in the glaze repeats. That said, they’re still pretty and despite MOH not being a fan of this shape of tile (too municipal lavatory, apparently) I’d be willing to put my case forward for these.

Tiles - gorgeous

Finding inspirationally decorated loos, is always a win. What do you think, are you a fan of this decor, or is your style something different?

Silken pottery

It’s been quiet on here the past week or so, and that’s because I’ve been on a bit of a mission and something had to give. Turns out it was this space which I love, but now the mission is mostly accomplished I’m expecting to catch up with myself, or a least a bit more than i have recently. The mission - more on that on Monday, as it really is quite dull - involved photos and this post is as a direct result of some of the photos I’ve rediscovered.

Some like these, I intended to share here but somehow never got around to it, and others I’ve wondered why I’ve kept, if not why i even took in the first place. But that’s the joys of digital photography, I guess, though I’m pretty sure I’ve some actual photos that fit into the same category!

But anyway, back to today’s post. These photos are shamefully from 2016 and my visit to the London Design Festival, and they are amazing. Well, not the photos, the content.

fragments of pottery covered in silk and sewn together to create pieces of art

They are fragments of pottery covered in silk, and then put together again to reform the original item, or part of the item. And they are exquisite.

brightly coloured materials, exquisite craftwork and a beautiful result

It’s not so obvious with the items above, but the photo below shows the amount of work, and very neat stitching, to cover each fragment. The items fit together again so well, as they’re broken specially to create these beautiful pieces.

An exquisitely created and decorative bowl
the bowl side on
pale lilac flowers and patterned material mixed together

I know that I was totally mesmerised by these, and we spent quite a while speaking to the creator of these. Sadly though, along the way and over the years, I’ve mislaid (or not found again yet) the details of the maker. I wish I had them to hand, because all this time on I still think they’re great, and knowing this now, I’d happily part with some cash (and no doubt a fair amount of it) to own one of these.