Z is for... Zebra

Well, it's the last week of this alphabet photo challenge and it's been one I've thoroughly enjoyed, so thank you Charly for hosting.  I thought Z might be tricky, but it wasn't - infact I had a choice. I nearly went for Zipwire with photos from our family adventures back in July but decided to go for this zebra shot. 

It's a zebra running the London Marathon of course! I do have photos of proper zebras but they're not digital, so I thought I'd end on this fun photo. I mean it's not everyday a zebra followed by an angel runs past your house is it - that's special! 


Y is for... Yolk

Thankfully this week was marginally easier than X last week. I say marginally easier as I didn't think Y would be as tricky as it turned out to be - I thought I'd just photograph something yellow.  And I still have, but not the yellow I first thought of!  I originally intended to share my newly restored and newly painted eBay purchased garden chairs. Only thing is they're not newly painted yet, so it didn't work out quite how I planned. 

And then when cooking tea on Sunday - we had gammon, egg and chips because we're classy at times - inspiration struck in the form of a yellow yolk. And a double Y! Thankfully that was on the first egg I cooked, because if I'd've waiting until the second one there would have been a runny yolk photo.  Why does the second egg always seem to break?!

Anyway, that's why in the penultimate week of this challenge my Y is for Yolk.   


X is for... eXercise

OK, I know. It's a cop out. Or as I like to think it's inventive!  Nothing has screamed X at me since I started this project and nothing in the past few weeks when I've been actively looking for an X either. I'm pretty sure I have a couple of x-rays in the house somewhere, but even I couldn't get that inspired by the bones in my ankle - and especially not now I've seen Charly's dramatic x-ray. 

So this week my X is for Exercise. I'm excusing my choice by the fact it has an X at the start... And I've photographed the exercise equipment in a box too, and the dumbbells are in the shape of an X...  And I reckon this has to be my post with the highest X count in too!  I'm definitely interested in seeing how everyone else has dealt with this tricky letter, and to see who else has been inventive...