Galvanised pots and bits and bobs

I’ve been a fan of the interiors shop at Creake Abbey in Norfolk for a while now, and many Norfolk visits are punctuated with trips there for some interior, and garden inspiration. But what’s peculiar is that I can’t find a previous visit here on my blog; it could be that I’m not looking properly, because it’s attached to something else, or it could be that I have, up until now, just kept their wonders to myself. Who knows.

If it’s the latter though, then today I’m about to spoil that. Home by Annie Lambert is my must-visit shop on each visit, once I’ve stopped off at the deli and the cafe that is. It’s the sort of place that has things that if they weren’t here together I’d most likely wander straight past them - Joyful Living is another place like that, and I’ve managed a stop there on this trip too, so look out for photos from there soon.

My attention - and imagination - is always captured right outside the shop with these galvanised pots of almost every shape and size. Frequently the dogs also look pitiful at me and encourage me to take them home, but so far I’ve resisted (although I’m sure my resolve won’t last forever). The sensible me wonders how on earth we’d get them home, the devious me wonders if they’d be ok on top or underneath MOH’s bike, or even instead of his bike, but then I sense him realising that’s what I could be plotting and he looks worried…

He doesn’t have to worry, quite just yet though. These are a one-day-right-property kind of purchase, and if we were to take a dog home now, I’m not sure what the foxes, or next door’s cat would make of it at all.

Galvanised pots of all shapes and sizes at Creake Abbey
So many pots to choose from at Home by Annie Lambert

I told you there were all shapes and sizes, and now you can see why getting them home could be such a problem. And that’s even without getting to the dogs…



Actually looking at the dogs again, I fear the foxes would have them as playthings, and that can’t happen. The quote on the sundial’s pretty good too isn’t it? We haven’t even got inside the shop yet, and I can sense MOH twitching. I wonder if it’s the how-will-we-get-them-home plan, but then realise it’s more likely because I’ve commandeered his phone after leaving home unintentionally without mine. He’s realised though that there’s no point me giving the phone back until we’re out of the shop, and he’s fine with that, I think he just wants to know if he’s expected to receive it in between shots or not!




Finally we’re inside the shop and my attention is immediately drawn to the globe, I’m not sure why as we already have one. The unit to its left with the jug and candles to match the paintwork are my eyes next stop. My magpie self doesn’t quite know where to flit to next.

enamel jugs and pistachio coloured candles

And then I spy the crockery. Piles of gilt edged plates and saucers. Flowers and pretty patterns, but below them fish. Clearly worn and clearly used, and for me that’s what makes them great. MOH is a new and pristine kind of person when it comes to homewares, but over the years he’s getting to know my style and gradually we’re blending our styles to create our own.

stacks of crockery, edged with gold
crockery decorated with fish

There’s shelves and shelves of inspiration in the shop, and it’s here that I spied the Lettres a Picots, which I posted earlier in the week. I didn’t go back and get them, and I still kind of wish I did even though I’ve no use for them. If the feeling remains strong then I know I can phone to find out if they’re still there, and if they’re not then it wasn’t meant to be.

Shelves of inspiration at Home by Jane lambert
pictures piled up on a chair

It’s the kind of shop that the more you look, the more you realise there is to see. Which I know sounds daft but I could always spend much longer here than I do, I think MOH knows that and that’s why his role is chief-chivvyier-along. Which to be fair, in places like this, is just as well.

I mean, this is just asking to be looked through isn’t it?

bits and bobs just asking to be sorted through

Yes, another visit is needed. One which coincides with a bike ride for MOH if I’m lucky…

Love this #81: Balls of fire, or garden fireballs

I saw these at the Ideal Home Show much earlier in the year and now that the weather is turning a little chillier it seemed a good time to share them, as we try and extend the use of our gardens for as long as we can.  You might have thought about a fire pit, and we have, but what do you do with it when it's not in use, they're not always so attractive looking are they?

Which is where the garden fireballs are different, there's a range of designs and sizes available in these steel balls for fire.  Whether you want a traditional leaf design, the stag or as I've seen on their website a dragon design, which really would breathe fire wouldn't it?

Decorative and functional and useful too
A stag design fireball

I spent a fair amount of time at this stand admiring them all, and wondering where I could fit one into my garden.  As you'll know I didn't leave with one - you'd have seen it in my garden by now, if I had, but I did leave seriously impressed. The designs are great, although I'm not sure which I'd choose if it came down to it, but also because they can be left out in the garden year round, and while not in use keeping you warm will bring a decorative element to your garden.

butterfly fireball design at the Ideal Home Show 2018

There's a practical element too, each comes with a drain hole so they won't become waterlogged and not be ready.  I think they could quite easily sit within a border over winter, and act as a reminder of warmer days.  I've definitely got one earmarked for a future garden, and if MOH had been with me then it's more than likely we'd have had a serious conversation.

Garden fireballs - I was severely tempted

What do you think?  They're definitely on my Love List!

Garden inspiration mood boards

April sure is a funny month isn't it?  There's been highs and lows of temperatures and let's hope they're back on the rise again soon.  But a glimpse of sun, or rather a lot unusually as was the case, and it doesn't take much to convince us that it's here to stay, and we're going to have the hottest summer ever (again).  

Only for our hopes to be dashed when overnight the temperatures plummet to single figures. But that's the 'joy' of the English weather, and it doesn't stop us enjoying our gardens does it?  With the early glimpse of sun, I don't expect I'm the only one making plans to enjoy my garden. There's quite a bit of work to do before I can pull the sun loungers out though, but for now, let's get some garden inspiration from these mood boards which use items from Wayfair's Outdoor range

Knowing me and colour, you'll not be surprised to see my first three boards contain bright colours, but even I don't do full on colour all of the time, so I've also included a couple of calmer boards too, and all of the boards contain items I love and think you will too.

1 brights + stripes - items from Wayfair

That pink chair!  I'm a fan of this style of chair and have seen it increasingly this year - my fear though is that it'll be much harder to store than the traditional deck chair shown below.  I've a suspicion that it won't be too long before I've found a way around my dilemma - did I mention that I've scheduled in a clear out of the shed for next weekend?

2 modern traditions  - items from Wayfair

A drinks trolley is also on my wish list. I know I said I wasn't sure if I was keen or not, but I've talked myself round and MOH is keen too.  And, that means when he makes drinks, he'll be out of my way as he'll have his own drinks making space.  I know that in reality, he'll use this space and the space he previously used, but the fine will be to make me more cocktails, so I think that's a win!

For me, summer isn't summer without a barbecue, a picnic or an ice lolly or too.  Adding these all together really do bring fab times, which of course is a classic whichever way you look at it.

3 fab times - items from Wayfair

I told you that the first three boards were colourful, but I hope you'll agree full of summer fun.  There's times - and gardens - that call for something altogether calmer, and dare I say it, more elegant. The metal tree seat is an absolute classic, but sadly wouldn't work in my garden, we'd be sitting with at least one foot in the flowerbeds.  

4 english garden - items from Wayfair

I'm much more likely to have zinc planters, in fact I'm always on the look out for zinc planters and I'm convinced I'll find some in the junk shops of Norfolk. I keep looking, and with no joy yet, so maybe I'll given in soon and treat myself.

My final board is a nod to how our gardens can calm us, how they can be places to sit and watch the world go by. Whether that's watching the wildlife go about its business, watching the temperatures (hopefully) soar, or to relax watching the dancing flicker of a flame late into the evening.

5 calming elements - items from Wayfair

So there you have five different mood boards providing garden inspiration, which inspires you?

* This is a collaborative post, but all views are my own.