All this chilly weather and talk of snow...

Well apart from actually being on the cold side it's got me thinking back to my visit to Kufstein in Austria in January last year with Stihl, where from my hotel room I could see our destination for dinner that evening, the Fortress at Kufstein.  When we arrived in Munich there was snow on the ground, but as we headed by coach over the border into Austria, the snow increased, and in Kufstein in was full on snow.


We'd seen great views from the Stihl factory windows and the snow laden trees on the autobahn and then there was the news that we were walking, along the snowy pavements to dinner at the Fortress.  My first thoughts, as ever, when snow is concerned was for my shoes. But actually the snow was different to the snow we have here, it was much drier, and even though there was much more of it, it wasn't as bad as I expected

It made for a pretty backdrop too, and in the courtyard of the Fortress where we gathered for warm mulled wine to listen to the band, I took some time to look around.

A lantern at the Fortress at Kufstein

As we approached the Fortress from ground level this was the view, stunning isn't it - and how clear is that sky? There were two ways up, the stairs or by lift. 

Looking up At the Fortress at Kufstein

I opted for the lift and captured this view looking over Kufstein on the way. I did later walk down, as after a generous meal a walk was much needed.

In the lift At the fortress looking down at Kufstein

As you can see there was quite a bit of snow, and much more than we ever expect to see in London. In some places there were just piles of snow where pavements and walkways had been cleared.  I guess there's nowhere else to put it?!

there was quite a bit of snow on our route to the fortress at Kufstein
Still more snow, but different to the snow we get in the UK

The trees were still up with their decorations on and a heavy dusting of snow. But it wasn't all bad, as you can see in the photo below, more mulled wine was just arriving.  Just to keep us warm...

It was pretty though (the Fortress at Kufstein)

I've already shared the pretty snow-laden trees alongside the autobahn and in the courtyard there was more of the same, and they were just as pretty.

snow covered trees At the Fortress at Kufstein

The lanterns were also a hit with me, the plants echoing the detailed design on their top. 

The mulled wine At the Fortress at Kufstein was most welcome though

It was a great evening, in a very picturesque setting with more snow than I think I've seen for a long time. But also, perhaps the start, of me being less freaked out by snow, and definitely in admiration for countries that not only cope, but continue to function with the weather.  Perhaps we're the same with rain, we're definitely not on the same level regarding snow.

So while we may see snow in London this winter, I hope I'm right when I say it won't be anything like on this scale...

Framed by the arches

This is one of my favourite photos from my trip to Munich in January on the Viking and Stihl UK press trip. It's taken in the Hofgarten, where the snow was on the ground and the sky was blue, bluer than it looks in this picture. As I approached the central pavilion I became aware of the view, and how special it looked.

A symmetrical image taken looking through the arches of the central pavilion in Munich's Hofgarten

Beautiful isn't it?  And not bad for an iPhone photo either.


* While this post isn't in collaboration with Viking or Stihl, it was only possible because of the UK press trip arranged by them. 

The solitary bicycle

I mentioned earlier in the week that I was considering pushing my bike over the threshold this weekend, but I haven't. And I'm glad I haven't, it's been quite chilly here in Norfolk.

It seems I'm a fair weather cyclist. And I'm ok with that. 

This photo isn't from Norfolk though, it's another I snapped on my recent visit to the Hofgarten in Munich

A bicycle parked alongside the railings in Munich's Hofgarten

It's a pretty special shot isn't it?