A Marine Family room

The last of the room sets from the Ideal Home Show  is this family room which has been designed for the whole household to use. It's bolder than you might imagine, with bold shades of teal and pops of red and yellow.  There's plenty going on too, so there really is something for everyone.

marine family room

The shelves in the picture above are at a height that everyone can use too - and that chair, it's a very similar colour to my new dining chairs.  I also like the scrabble-like tiles saying to Be Happy. The bright colours are replicated on the sideboard too, and it's like someone has just left them there.

sideboard close-up
Storage and a bean bag

One corner of the room has a desk, another yellow chair and a wire mesh display board and storage. It's a great looking corner isn't it. Add a teal bean bag and an old-fashioned phone and there's yet another spot to sit and enjoy the room.

desk area
small details count

It has a fun approach and looks a great multi-functional room - and I could quite easily see a family in here all doing their own things, but happy together.  Is this something you have in your own house?

room set view of a marine family room

A botanical living room

This was another of the room sets at this year's Ideal Home Show that I was drawn to. It's an elegant space and I loved the greens matched with the slate grey of the lamp and the curtains.

Botanical living room

In truth I'd love to get that relaxed and stylish finish to a sofa with the cushions and the throw.  Somehow mine never looks quite this good, there's definitely an art to it I think.

The light is definitely a statement piece and the matt finish on the outside is complemented by the shiny copper interior. Stunning isn't it?  

goodhomes roomsets living room

The botanical theme is continued with prints either side of the window.  A leaf print on the left as you look at it and forests on the right.  Similar to the glamorous bathroom the brass tables add a touch of elegance.

grey sofa and brass tables

MOH would like both a coffee table and a pouffe, but with the space we have neither really work. It's not that I don't like them - who wouldn't like this lush green footstool - they'd be things to walk round, and into our spiral staircase.  I fear the bumped heads and the bruises!

gorgeously green pouffe
grey tub chair and cushions
lights, storage and a mirror

The panelling contains geometric wallpaper which gives the wall some texture.  I did smile when I saw the cables in the photo below. Even in a room set there's attention to detail like having things plugged in.  I'd hope though that in most homes they're better hidden.

sofa at the heart of the room

It's a lovely fresh room and there's touches and pieces in it that are stunning.  Lots of them are everyday items but combined like this, they really work together.  What do you think?

A Meadow dining room

Now this dining room was one I was interested in, it's another roomset at this year's Ideal Home Show and there's plenty of my favourite zingy yellow.  There's florals too and some sage greens, there's also a peachy-pink wall, which is a colour I wouldn't have naturally paired with the yellow. But it works.

a glimpse of the storage units

The eye catching feature of the room is the open-shelved storage unit, with it's wallpapered sections.  What I like about this is the mix and match feel the wallpapers have, and that as well as papering the back of the unit, the sides, bottom and top are also covered.

Looking to the other side of the room with the peachy-pink wall, the room has an entirely different feel.  One that's much cooler, but no less interesting and the pale Scandi-type furniture go well.

a meadow dining room
a sideboard

As your eye moves down past the table there's another zing of yellow with a bold patterned rug, which I love and I think ties the two parts of the room together. I'd love a rug like this, as rugs are a good way to zone areas and to add a pop of colour.

a statement rug

In the corner of the room there was an Ercol love bench which complements the table and chairs.  But it was the wooden bowls and the tray that really caught my eye - aren't they gorgeous?

wooden bowls
decorated storage unit close up

And stepping back I managed to capture both elements of the room in one shot.  

a meadow dining room goodhomes roomsets 2016

There's definitely elements of this room I'd replicate at home, perhaps not now but in the future.  What do you think of the room?