Big Ideas: An Oriental spa bathroom

This bathroom definitely has the wow factor, and while I’m not usually drawn to Oriental decor I’d happily make an exception for a bathroom like this. I’m not sure I’d spend much time anywhere else though. It’s a very well put together roomset, but has one element that i think is completely impractical, no matter how pretty it looks. I think you’ll spot what I mean fairly quickly…

The Big Ideas for this bathroom are:

  1. A sunken fish tank - yeap - the impractical element. It does provide a focal point, but most of us only have an indoor water feature when something’s leaking, right?

  2. Japanese screens: the frosted screens provide diffused light, and their sliding design would also work well to divide a room.

  3. A modern bath: another standalone bath, and a shape that works for me. I’m much more of a simple clean lines kind of girl, rather than the fancy, twirly approach.

  4. Zoned floor: it works here, I think because the space is big enough. In a smaller space I’m not sure it would have quite the same impact.

  5. The white suite: I’m in the “why would you have another colour suite” gang, but then again I’ve replaced a couple of avocado baths…

A touch of the orient in this big ideas room set at the Ideal Home Show

I like the flowers in the sunken stream, but I’m clumsy enough to fall into it regularly. So even if it was feasible, I’m still not convinced on the practical side. And don’t even mention pets or children. Or coming home a little bit tiddly.

That bath, that screen  - pure gorgeousness

I do love the screen though, isn’t it fabulous? Although I think I’d need the bath facing the other way so I could spend my time in the tub imagining the fish swimming about, how relaxing would that be?

A bathroom that exudes calm at the ideal home show

The other thing that’s pleasing is the grouting and its straight lines, which are also calming and another thing to let your eye wander over while relaxing. I know that sometimes if I let my mind wander on things like this, then suddenly whatever my mind has been wondering and pondering over becomes clear. I think this bathroom would be the perfect antidote.

An inlaid stream one of the more unusual features

But maybe not the stream…

It looks good but I'm not sure how practical it really is

Although I do have to admit it does look pretty. Just, as I said before, not very practical!

Big Ideas: A pastel pink kitchen

I seem to be having a pink phase here at the moment, with three of my last four posts definitely having a rosy theme to them. Which bizarrely is completely unplanned. These type of happy coincidences are the kind of thing that completely fascinate me, strange how they can happen unexpectedly and then suddenly you’re very aware of them.

I’m back sharing the Big Ideas from the Ideal Home Show last year, when I stumbled across the extra room sets. So here’s the big ideas for this pastel pink kitchen:

  1. Neon lighting: a fun way to add atmosphere and highlights to dark areas

  2. Pink walls: a way to add warmth, and easy to make the change in your own space

  3. Wall art: because kitchens deserve pictures too, and provide a great space for a personalised picture

  4. Stylish sofa: oh, velvet, need I say more…

  5. Grey cabinets: a modern handleless design, which provides a sleek line.

neon lights in the room set at the ideal home show

What I like about this is the mix of textures, from the natural warmth of wood through to the classic marble and what looks like the modernness of corian for the worktop, something that works really well on these large types of islands. And a material that we seriously considered for our kitchen, but as you know, opted for a composite and glittering worktop instead, and one that was influenced in the end by the price. But it is gorgeous.

Just peachy and easy to achieve in an afternoon

I’m also a fan of handleless cupboards, while there’s plenty of handles to choose from and the handles you choose can change the feel of a kitchen, not choosing handles also does that and allows for your eyes to skim over the cupboard uninterrupted. The other thing to bear in mind is the drawer-line. We opted not to have the drawers on show as our kitchen designers suggested having just two drawers would mean having faux drawers all around our kitchen. Which sort of goes against the clear, sleek lines. We have ‘hidden’ internal drawers, in just two base units, and those drawers have very defined uses, so our drawer of junk has migrated elsewhere! Everyone has one right?

grey and pink - a winning combination

What else is nice is how kitchens are becoming more social spaces, with furniture to match. We spend so much time in kitchens - there’s a reason that they’re the heart of the home - that it makes sense for it to be comfortable as well as practical.

pastel side tables - practical and pretty

And I’m a fan of those side tables too; the colours, the shape, especially the lip that prevents things being knocked off easily - but also their style and the fact that it looks as if the smaller one slides under the larger one for easy storage. Practical and pretty, that’s a win for me - what about you?

A She Shed - yes please!

She Sheds, garden pods, home offices, or whatever you want to call them - they’ve become a big thing haven’t they? It’s easy to see why, the idea of having somewhere dedicated for a specific activity, work or fun, definitely appeals. Having that outside the house appeals too, unless it’s the worst (or best) kind of snow day which means being cut off from your crafting, I guess.

They’ve come so far, that at the Ideal Home Show last year, this quadrant pod, was alongside the infamous ‘houses’ - and I think it’s definitely a She Shed in the making.

Quadrant contemporary workspace at the Ideal Home Show

As its name suggests, it’s quadrant shaped so cue curved walls which almost cocoon you from the elements, but yet provides a window on it too.

Looking out across the Show

Yes, those lights - aren’t they great? In fact the whole space is full of great lights and fantastically furnished. It’s definitely the type of space you’d be happy to work in and which should provide just the inspiration you need.

Living the curve at the ideal home show
A spot to relax in - what every she shed needs

I’d love my own space like this, but know it’s not practical for us. The thought of getting it into our garden, where it might go and even just getting electricity to it and the disruption and redecorating this will most likely bring with it, rules it out. But never say never, it’s something that in the right space could really work all round.

And everyone needs an escape space, right?