Mowgli, Indian street food in Liverpool

We had some great food in Liverpool and discovered some great restaurants. After a Moroccan feast for lunch, sumptuous steak Saturday night, on the Sunday were were up for something different. After some internet searching I kept coming back to one restaurant, or actually restaurants, and that was Mowgli, which promised Indian Street Food, and didn’t disappoint, we struggled to finish everything we’d ordered - but clearly tried our best.

What I wasn’t expecting was to be so wowed by the decor. The photos are darker than I’d usually post here, and it was quite a dark and moody space, but one lit with plenty of fairy lights, which gave it an almost magical feel. The birdcage lamp shades threw shadows across the walls and ceiling, adding to the overall atmosphere.

the bar at mowgli in Liverpool

Even on the staircase, there was ropes and more fairy lights. We started with cocktails - a Mowgli G&T for me, complete with ginger and a Smokey Cardamom Old Fashioned for him. When it comes to cocktails, we’re pretty straight forward and can often guess which one each will order. For the food there was so many options we could have chosen, and the menu definitely encourages an ‘eyes bigger than your belly’ approach if you’re not careful. We just about finished ours, though I’m not sure which of them we’d have left out.

twinkly lights in the restaurant
starting with cocktails at Mowgli
heading back from the loos, more sparkly lights
Tiffins for our indian feast
tables in the restaurant at the end of the evening

The bar caught my eye, look at the end of it below, it’s made from stacked sleepers on their end, and is a really effective and natural looking addition. It was of course, finished off with more fairy lights. Ropes hung from the ceiling and pulled taut were used to divide spaces between tables, in open kind of booths.

the bar made of sleepers
ropes hung from the ceilings divided the spaces

And walking around the rooms, was Mowgli himself, painted onto walls, and featured on the menus. He’s walking (in a stationary way) with purpose isn’t he?

mowgli of course
in mowgli in liverpool

So a great space, and great food. If you’re in Liverpool, or visiting, then one of their restaurants is definitely worth a visit.

The Extra Loos Loo Series

When we arrived in Liverpool I was keen to find a loo, so keen that I was happy to contemplate a station loo. That was until I saw the queue, clearly we hadn’t timed our arrival so well. In fact I’d had a bit of a funny turn on the train, it was hot but I was struggling to cool down throughout much of the two and a bit hour journey, so I’d send MOH off to find some water.

I was putting it down to the coffee we’d had at Euston, although MOH thought it might have been some travel sickness from the Pendolino train. Whatever it was I was glad to get off and see the concourse at Lime Street. I felt so rough that while MOH went off in search of water, I moved into the window seat and despite it not having the cool air blowing onto it, I did start to improve. It really was quite odd, and either, or both of us could be right about the cause.

Arriving at Lime Street and needing the loo

But anyway, back to the queue for the loo, which was out the door and onto the concourse. I thought there must be somewhere else close by and so was pleased to hear a lady tell another of the loos in the Wetherspoons just next door. Not needing to be told twice, when MOH returned we set off in search of a queue-less loo.

I wasn’t quite ready for what I was to find, but as you can see it all started out fairly normally. Classic tiles, a row of basins and ornate mirrors. There was still a small queue, or rather I was the start of the queue, but that was way better than the previous option.

ornate mirrors against while tiles.jpg

And then I spotted this sign.

extra loos thataway

Heading down here.

looking down the stairs

So off I went, and found a whole other level of facilities. And a huge mirror.

there were more loos and a giant mirror

So there you go, an unexpected find - but a welcome one - and the first double level loo for this series.

looking up to the sinks again

Who’d have thought?

Red at Anfield, of course

Now a football ground might not be the place you’d expect to find flower beds and planting, but that’s exactly what we did find in the approach to the Hillsborough memorial in the grounds of Anfield. I remember watching the tragedy as it unfurled at the time, and no doubt we’re all aware of the fight for justice, which still continues, that the families are facing.

I’d expected the memorial to be moving, and it was. What I wasn’t expecting to find was flowers, red of course, on the approach to the memorial. The crocosmias added to the poignancy I think and I suspect they’re ‘Red King’ rather than the more usual Lucifer variety.

Either way, they were in flower and looked great and somehow added to the tribute and helped set the mood for the space.

crocosmias at anfield