Fluted lights and bevelled mirrors

We haven’t had a real Loo Series in a while and this one’s from Fredericks in Islington. After a long day at the Garden Media show in the Business Design Centre, a wander around some of my favourite shops and enjoying a spot in the sun I joined some old friends from Stihl in Fredericks to see their latest products. It was good to catch up with many from the press trip which is now , shockingly, over two years ago.

These loos aren’t the most flamboyant, or even the largest, but they are classic and they do it well.

looking into the mirrors in the ladies at Fredericks in Islington

I’m a fan of these lights, and they’re quite simple and similar to the shades we have in our conservatory, with more than a hint of the Original BTC about them. Having the shades at different heights also appealed to me, and I think you’d be surprised to know that the picture below was taking in the cubicle. It’s not often I’ll share photos from there, but I’ve made an exception for this one.

simple and classic glass light shades

Back by the mirror and the sinks, the lampshades have a familiar feel don’t they?

bevelled edges and a chunky sink

Everyone knows the trick of a large mirror in a small, dark space don’t they? And there’s a reason for that and that’s because it really works. This space while not the lightest definitely had an elegance about it. The accessories and fittings were also plain and simple, and as you can see from below, everything had its place.

everything in its place

And it was labelled.

The wall tiles are fairly classic too, and it’s a good reminder for me that lots of classic items equals a very classic and understated look, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It doesn’t always need to be big and brash, or glitz and glamour, sometimes plain is best.

Me in the mirror in a favourite loo visiting top

What do you think? Sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of calm isn’t it?