Views of Yorkshire

One of the things that struck me about Yorkshire on our recent trip was the amazing views, and how it was a place that like Norfolk benefitted from large skies.  It was our first time holidaying in Yokshire, but I don’t think it’ll be our last, especially as our journey from London was relatively pain free. 

North Yorkshire national park

The Yorkshire Dales National Park was stunning, so much so that at one point I stopped the car, got out and enjoyed it firsthand, without the windscreen in front of me.  The undulating scenery, the traditional dry stone walls and really fresh, unadulterated (and un-pollute) air. 

Yorkshire - almost a big skied as Norfolk

While it’s large-skied like Norfolk, it’s very different.  There’s proper hills for one thing, and not just in the National Parks. The next two photos are ones MOH took as he paused during his daily bike ride.

North Yorkshire views and undulating hills

But with hills come great views.  And the patchwork effect of fields.

And the view from the top

Our trip wasn’t all about reconnecting with nature, although there were many garden visits, there were trips to the nearest town of Ripon too. Our cottage - or rather converted barn - was outside the village of Kirkby Malzeard and though it was a well stocked village, complete with local shops, pubs and a fish and chip shop, the barn and the farm it was on were remote enough to be cut off in bad weather, although I’m sure that doesn’t deter the Yorkshire folk, but to a townie like me, well yes… <shudder>

We’d chosen the area around Ripon quite at random, and because it was a good base to explore our -or rather my - must see places of RHS Harlow Carr and Castle Howard, but Ripon itself shouldn’t be overlooked. It has some interesting architecture. 

Architecture in Ripon, North Yorkshire

The stone arches on the building above immediately caught my eye, and then I noticed the detail of the arches above the windows on the upper floors.  That’s some fancy building, hey?

It wasn’t all about looking up though, as we wandered around I spotted these elaborate tiles in a shop doorway, which I can only presume are originals. The motif at the top reminds me of the pattern on a fireplace in my previous house.  

smaller details too - tiles in a shop doorway
The Market Square in Ripon

It was easy to imagine the market square transforming itself into a bustling hub on market day, even on the Sunday when these photos were taken there was plenty of activity, and it’s certainly an attractive town centre isn’t it?

The Market Square in Ripon North Yorkshire

I’ve much more to share from our Yorkshire Break, including a peak around the barn we stayed in as well as some fine Yorkshire products, and of course some garden visits. 

As I said earlier in this post, it’s a place that I’m sure we’ll return to in the future. I’d be keen to see more of Harrogate, but where would you recommend, and why?