Have you ever heard of recycled paint?

No me neither, but it makes perfect sense. So if your shed or garage looks anything like this - or has maybe one or two tins less, then read on as I'm sharing a fabulous guest post on recycled paint here today.



Recycled paint, really?


Hi, I'm Amy from from EPS and Amy I am a parent blogger at heart, but am here today to talk about another topic which means a lot to me: Paint Recycling, no I’m not talking about scraping paint off walls (how many times have I heard that?!), we take the half empty tins which everyone has in their sheds or garages (collected from household waste recycling centres, aka the local tip) and batch it all up, add a bit of chemistry magic and turn it back into brand new, beautiful new paint, which is available in 28 colours from Reborn Paints.

The process itself was “invented” by my father, Keith Harrison, patent pending and we now licence the process to others so paint is being recycled up and down the country. Between us around 1000 tons of paint a year is being stopped from ending up in landfill. We add various clays and limestones to the “unloved” paint and filter and treat it, and re-pot it into our own livery.

The paint itself is “as good as Dulux” (quote is from a professional painter), available in premium quality flat matt finish it is £29 for 2.5 litres, but if you order a sample pot we will send you a £5 off code for use on a full sized pot, so you get your sample money back if you decide to go with us!

There are a couple of stockists across the country - we are looking for more if you are interested - but the easiest way to purchase our paint is directly from our online site: www.rebornpaints.co.uk.

Reborn paints - recycled paint from unwanted paint from household tips

Thanks Amy, that's totally fascinating and I can see lots of mileage in this. It's a shame you can't take paint direct from the general public, as I've a few tins in MOH's shed that I'd willingly donate (don't worry we'll get them to the tip!).

So, what do you think? Would you buy recycled paint? 

* All photos are with thanks to Reborn Paints.

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