Boxing hares

I've a bit of a thing for hares, what with our concrete versions in the garden and photos of this tambourine beating hare at Chatsworth, so when I spotted these Boxing Hares by Sue Lamb at RHS Hyde Hall in Essex on my recent visit, it was clear I was going to snap these.

Boxing Hares by Sue Lamb at RHS Hyde Hall

These are bronze resin and cost a little bit more than our concrete ones, but wouldn't they be great, and wouldn't they give the foxes a bit of a shock.

A tiny, modern cottage garden

On our wander around Orford recently there was one tiny garden that stood out for me. It wasn't in my last post as somehow, despite its part in the pretty village, I didn't want it to get lost in the traditional-ness of those photos. So I'm sharing it alone today:  

A modern cottage garden in Orford Suffolk

It is a small space, but one that packs a lot in and I'm sure makes the short walk from road to door delightful. I can't decide if I like the iron gate and railings, the planting or the mix of render and brickwork and use of traditional materials in a contemporary way.

But I definitely like the overall effect and it shows you can put your own stamp into even a small space.


Framed by the arches

This is one of my favourite photos from my trip to Munich in January on the Viking and Stihl UK press trip. It's taken in the Hofgarten, where the snow was on the ground and the sky was blue, bluer than it looks in this picture. As I approached the central pavilion I became aware of the view, and how special it looked.

A symmetrical image taken looking through the arches of the central pavilion in Munich's Hofgarten

Beautiful isn't it?  And not bad for an iPhone photo either.


* While this post isn't in collaboration with Viking or Stihl, it was only possible because of the UK press trip arranged by them.