The outside loo

It’s been a bit quiet here this week, which is reflecting real life right now but also because I haven’t known quite what to share. I’ve been editing and sorting photos, and reminding myself that I still have my 2016 photo yearbook to complete. But that’s also led to the rediscovery of these photos, and it’s not quite the outside loo you’d expect.

This outside loo is at the National Trust’s Killerton, and is really more of a cabin. It’s a godsend too when you’re part way round the garden, for me, it was handy following the wasp sting and somewhere to try and remove the smell of vinegar.

I wasn’t quite expecting this though. It was rustic, but stylishly so with plenty of modern touches.

The garden loos at NT Killerton in Devon

The wall tiles, the floor tiles - though I think the grout was a bit overly rustic for me - and as a fan of maps, I thought that was a great touch on the back wall.

rustic tiled floor at NT Killerton garden loos

The lights had that contemporary feel too, and looking up it was very ‘au naturel’.

lighting in the rustic cabin
a natural roof too

So a shed, or cabin, with style. And an outdoor loo with a difference, that’s for sure.


A black and white French loo

After Portugal yesterday, we’re in Caen in northern France’s Normandy region. It’s where we ended our Loire cycling trip back in 2016 - I can’t believe it was that long ago! Although, I also can’t believe that I haven’t been out on my bike for a couple of years either…

We only had a night or two in Caen and its purpose was to break up the long drive home. These loos were in a restaurant close to the hotel and one where we’d stopped for a morning coffee after exploring the town. The tiles on the floor, and the mirrors were real scene stealers.

Simple but effective, black and white
A fancy mirror totally in keeping with the theme
geometric tiles on the floor
double doors in the loo in Caen

It wasn’t too much longer after these photos were taken that we retrieved the car from the underground car park, loaded the bikes back on and set on our way to Deauville. Another great town on our way home, that journey though was the one where the car smelt of goat, or rather goat’s cheese, and even for an avid lover of the stuff, it was challenging!

The Extra Loos Loo Series

When we arrived in Liverpool I was keen to find a loo, so keen that I was happy to contemplate a station loo. That was until I saw the queue, clearly we hadn’t timed our arrival so well. In fact I’d had a bit of a funny turn on the train, it was hot but I was struggling to cool down throughout much of the two and a bit hour journey, so I’d send MOH off to find some water.

I was putting it down to the coffee we’d had at Euston, although MOH thought it might have been some travel sickness from the Pendolino train. Whatever it was I was glad to get off and see the concourse at Lime Street. I felt so rough that while MOH went off in search of water, I moved into the window seat and despite it not having the cool air blowing onto it, I did start to improve. It really was quite odd, and either, or both of us could be right about the cause.

Arriving at Lime Street and needing the loo

But anyway, back to the queue for the loo, which was out the door and onto the concourse. I thought there must be somewhere else close by and so was pleased to hear a lady tell another of the loos in the Wetherspoons just next door. Not needing to be told twice, when MOH returned we set off in search of a queue-less loo.

I wasn’t quite ready for what I was to find, but as you can see it all started out fairly normally. Classic tiles, a row of basins and ornate mirrors. There was still a small queue, or rather I was the start of the queue, but that was way better than the previous option.

ornate mirrors against while tiles.jpg

And then I spotted this sign.

extra loos thataway

Heading down here.

looking down the stairs

So off I went, and found a whole other level of facilities. And a huge mirror.

there were more loos and a giant mirror

So there you go, an unexpected find - but a welcome one - and the first double level loo for this series.

looking up to the sinks again

Who’d have thought?