Tiles and style at the Curious Pig

We’ve been to the Curious Pig in the Parlour in West Sussex a couple of times now for Sunday lunch, and I think we’ll be going back. it’s a great name for a pub, but it’s also a great place to eat, and the interiors are pretty special too. It’s a much bigger space than we realised on our first visit, and the interiors often had a quirky touch.

artwork in the Restaurant at the Curious Pig

The stripey deer picture was above our table, the colours and its simple frame makes it work. And looking at it again it would be relatively easy to replicate with a stencilled cut out and washi tape. Hmmm, now there’s an idea...

But it wasn’t just the artwork that appealed. Look at that flooring, tiles that wouldn’t look out of place in Portugal, wooden floors, comfortable banquette seating for our alcove table, which was generous for just the three of us, but very welcome as we felt connected but cocooned from the general hubbub of a busy pub.

Seating, tiled floors and our table at the Curious Pig
Cushions and seating at the Curious Pig

So I had high expectations of the loos, and I wasn’t disappointed. The simple, but effective, grey-green tiles were the scene stealer.

pale green tiles in the loos at the Curious Pig

The hooks were pretty special too though.

Hooks with character

And it’s a Ladies with towels to dry your hands on. Way preferable, and much more hygenic and sustainable than the hand dryers you often find.

A stack of hand towels in the Ladies

And yes, more pictures of the tiles. Though it seems a closer look shows some gaps in the grouting. And an even closer look (and yes I did) they may not be as unique and irregular as you first think, as the ‘pattern’ in the glaze repeats. That said, they’re still pretty and despite MOH not being a fan of this shape of tile (too municipal lavatory, apparently) I’d be willing to put my case forward for these.

Tiles - gorgeous

Finding inspirationally decorated loos, is always a win. What do you think, are you a fan of this decor, or is your style something different?

A touch of copper

For my birthday, back in May (where did the time go?) we headed into a relatively new restaurant in Blackheath, Copper & Ink for a great meal, and a great evening. The restaurant describes itself as “a modern British restaurant with influences from classic French and Scandinavian cuisine” and is a collaboration between local and ethical suppliers and businesses.

We opted for the five course tasting menu, as it sounded great and was reasonably priced. The main course was delivered by the Chef Patron and former MasterChef finalist, Tony Rodd who is one of the driving forces behind the restaurant, along with Becky and Rob. At the time I shared a picture or two on my social channels of the food, and of the bookcase which had proper cookery books in it, which was slap bang on show in the restaurant. The only other time I’ve seen cookery books in a kitchen is at River Cottage, so they’re in good company.

mid century modern furniture at Copper & Ink in Blackheath South East London


As well as the bookcase, the decor was pretty fab too with a mid-century modern vibe. The crockery had a rustic, earthenware feel and so of course I was interested to see how the theme played out in the loos. You knew that was coming right?

A modern sink and a copper bin

It could have gone either way really, couldn’t it? But thankfully they’ve taken a stylish approach and there were hints of copper throughout. Phew.

Plain doesn't mean devoid of style

But simple doesn’t mean dull, though there’s hints of the rustic in the flooring choice, but I’m sure it’s also very practical and easy to clean, as well as looking good. There was more copper in the mirrors on the walls, which I’ve come to realise is a style I’m a fan of.

A copper mirror hung by rope

They remind me of the beautiful mirrors by Daniel Heath, which are a fancier version. And my gold top looks right at home there too doesn’t it - I’m not sure how I manage to coordinate myself so regularly with the loos, maybe it’s my super power, who knows?

We’ll be heading back again, the menu is seasonal, and we’re keen to try more of what’s on offer. If you’re local to Blackheath in South London, then Copper & Ink is definitely worth a visit.

Port and patterns

in a great demonstration of dithering and procrastination, today I’m sharing photos from a trip to Portugal. But not our most recent trip there, from just the other month, but from our trip there in 2017. Partly because I’m struggling to believe it has been two years since we visited the Douro Valley, but also because it delays editing the photos from our recent trip!

So today we’re off to Quinta da Bomfim on the outskirts of Pinhao in the Douro Valley. We took a taxi there as the day before we’d done a bit of a recce and only made it part-way up the drive before realising we might have bitten off more than we could chew, especially in the temperatures which were freakishly high for October.

A view over the vineyards at Quinta da Bomfim in the Douro valley

But when we got there on our second attempt, it was well worth the views.

A pretty place to sit and enjoy the harvest of their labours

The views over the vineyards, of the terrace and the products, if you know what I mean.

port tasting

And with views like this it was hard to motivate ourselves for the long walk back.

a good way to enjoy the day

But eventually we did, and of course not before a visit to the Ladies, which, as I’ve said before, wasn’t quite what I expected for such a traditional surrounding.

diamonds, circles and red shoes of course

For a pattern lover, it was a blast though.

Tiled walls, tiled floors and panelled doors

It was the sort of place where you weren’t quite sure where the floor ended and where the wall started, though of course you’d quickly discover that if you walked a bit too far.

The way out

You can see how pleased I am with this loo discovery, or actually it could be down to the port sampling.

splashbacks, sinks, doors and me

And now this post is out of the way, who knows maybe I’ll even get around to editing some of those more recent photos…