The truth about: coming home from holiday

We all know how exciting looking forward to a holiday can be, the anticipation and planning. Yeap that's one of the nice parts, and being away is always pretty good too - that's what you've looked forward too, right? To start with the days stretch out ahead of you and gradually as you count down there are fewer days left of your holiday than you've already been away.  Somehow though that second half of your holiday goes more quickly than the first and eventually you start to look forward to going home, what the journey may bring and the first few days back home.  

Somehow though my mind always overlooks the most obvious of tasks, which isn't one of my favourites. Surprisingly it's not the washing, although that's not much fun either. 

It's not even downloading, sorting or editing the photos which to be honest when there's a lot of them can be tiresome. Or making sure you've got several copies of them to make sure you don't lose any (again). The thing that really gets me about coming home is unpacking the case.


Mostly it takes me days to completely empty it and put the clean, unworn clothes away and store the empty suitcase back in its spot (I'm much better at getting the dirty clothes into the washing bin).  I'm not sure why though, it should be a relatively simple task - perhaps it's what signifies to me the holiday is truly over, I'm not sure. 

What's the task you dislike most when you come back from holiday? 

And then the fun began...

The Q&A meme

This post is replying to Louise over at who tagged me (ahem, a few weeks ago now) in the Q&A meme asking the questions below. It's taken me a little while to respond but here's my answers...


If you could have a chat with any famous person (past or present) who would you want to meet and why?

That's a tough one, because there's no one that immediately springs to mind...

Having thought about it a little more, and considered and rejected various occupations such as prominent authors, leaders, royalty, sportspeople, musicians, gardeners, chefs, entrepreneurs well I'm still struggling. Monty Don would have been a contender and we heard him speak recently which I enjoyed.  However I took from that, that he's quite a private person and so I probably wouldn't learn too much more and even though he said his motto in life is to say yes, in this case I'm not sure he would!

I think it's safe to say there's no one famous I'm especially keen to meet. In fact I could probably talk to someone famous without knowing they were famous, who they were, or why they were famous... Sad but true.

What is your earliest memory?

Growing up I loved playing with dolls and I still have the doll's house that my grandad made for me, so I think some of my earliest memories are playing with that. It's a bungalow and the lid lifts off (and doubles as the garden complete with a pond) and it had (battery powered) lights too. When mum and dad cleared out their loft and repatriated my doll's house I discovered that the babies had been stored safely in - of all places - the washing machine, along with the plates. I've no idea why! Here's an early picture of me demonstrating my maternal side...


What is your favourite album?

That'll have to be Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams as it's the one with "Better Together" on which played as we signed the register at our wedding. It's an album that always brings a smile to my face.  

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take five things with you, what would they be? (not including friends or family!)

1. My iPad - I hope that desert island has wifi

2. I'll need my charger too then

3. Mascara - waterproof of course!

4. Some tea bags

5. Some seeds - I'd have time and space (hopefully) to grow some vegetables

Hopefully I wasn't supposed to have made too a practical a list...

If Hollywood made a film of your life, who would you cast to play you?

Well, funny you ask - I have no idea - but it was discussed once, like you do after a few glasses of red. And it was decided by my then work colleagues that Jodie Foster would be perfect.  So Jodie Foster please. 


What was the last book you read?

Phew, another relatively easy question. I have now finished the latest Bridget Jones book and it was good to catch up with how life's treated her. As you can imagine it hasn't all been plain sailing, as that would make for a very dull read. 

What would be your biggest tip to share with a newbie blogger?

Proof read your posts before you publish them and then once again as soon as you've hit publish. It's amazing how many times you only spot an error - typo, missing word or whatever - immediately after publishing, I don't think it's just me.  Lots of simple errors are the biggest turnoff for me when I discover new blogs and I'll quickly move away if there's too many errors in a single post (she says hastily re-reading this post). 

So, time to tag some more bloggers to answer some questions. I'm tagging 

- Samantha at because it would be rude to link this post and not invite the Linky host to participate and

- Kirsty at,

- Jenny at and

- Helen at as these lovely ladies, along with the equally lovely

- Mary at were hugely friendly and supportive when I started out in the world of blogging - thank you ladies. Mary has recently posted a Q&A meme response so I'm sharing that here, instead of landing another load of questions on her, unless of course she wants to participate. 


If they'd like to share, my questions are: 

1. What's your greatest achievement? 

2. What do you know now that you wished you'd known twenty years ago? 

3. If you were to take part in a reality TV show, which one would it be, and why? 

4. If you were a cake, what would you be?

5. If you could hold back time, at what age would you stick at? 

6. What skill have you developed most since starting your blog? 


I'm linking this post to Sam's The Truth About Linky, as rather vainly it's the truth about me this week.  

And then the fun began...

The truth about: washing duvet covers

We have king size duvets on our double sized bed - that's because we wanted to increase our chances of each of us actually having some cover.  MOH will testify that while the logic is good, the practicality is flawed... Anyway, whoever has the covers - the jury's still out on that one as when I wake up short of covers, you can bet I find them on the floor on MOH's side - what is essential are duvet covers and clearly they need washing.  Now that's when I think these seemingly innocent looking items take their revenge. 

The seemingly innocent looking items

The seemingly innocent looking items

Why is it...

- they always seem to turn themselves inside out during the washing cycle? 

- while they're in the washing machine they always manage to gobble up every other item of clothing also being washed, so everything ends up inside the inside out duvet cover? 

- that hanging these monsters - a kingsize duvet cover is 8ft tall, I'm 5ft 2 - up to dry (inside or outside) makes you feel like you've failed somehow at origami? 

- when they're dry as you're folding them up you often find a scrunched up sock in the corner that it's been holding onto?

For me, actually putting the new duvet cover on the duvet is the easy bit - it's the battle of the washing, drying and folding I find more problematic. But, you can't beat a freshly laundered bed, now if any of you want to pop round and iron my bedding you'll be more than welcome!


What frustrates you about doing the washing, duvet covers or otherwise? Or is it the task you enjoy?

And then the fun began...