Reflecting on my week #66

After managing to survive my first five day working week of the year relatively unscathed, the weekend called for some taking it easy. Like most of the population I’ve been trying to get January off to a healthy start, and for me that’s involved walking to and from work each day and so most days I’ve clocked up a healthy 4-5 miles.

After watching a recording of the Twinstitute, where they pitched one of two sets of twins to lose weight through diet, and the other through exercise to see which fared better, both did well, but with diet just tipping the scales I realised something I already knew deep down. And that’s, this year as well as getting more active - I mean, I am seriously threatening to actually make it to the swimming pool this month - we probably should look at what we’re eating, or more specifically our portion sizes.  So maybe a fortnight or so after everyone else we’re getting on the healthier eating bandwagon.

We've fallen into a bit of a rut, especially with the lunches we take to work so I’m looking to branch out from our failsafe rolls, which if I’m honest can be quite dull, but easy to put together of a morning. It’s going to take more planning, but it’s entirely doable and if we work it right our lunches will be tasty, and good for us, and not leave us starving!

Getting organised 

My craft supplies drive MOH mad, well not mad exactly just a little exasperated. He doesn’t get them, and doesn’t see why there’s so many, or why I keep things just because they might be useful one day.  On one level he does have a point (there’s no need to let on, is there?) and I do need to have a bit of a sort out as everything is everywhere, it’s all mixed up somehow and I’m struggling to find what I want, which is hardly conducive to a productive and mindful craft session.  

Oh, and I want the storage to look pretty too, surely that’s not too much to ask. On Saturday I rounded up the ribbon I’ve saved and wound them securing with pegs, real size or miniature depending on the quantity and dropped them into this glass storage jar, which is now on display.

I bought the jars originally to use in the kitchen a good few years ago, and while I regularly use the smaller size, I  use this larger size less.  I think it’s worked well and is much nicer than having the ribbons shoved out of sight. I’m not sure if MOH has clocked it yet, so there’s no verdict from him as yet...

Russian doll and a jar of ribbons

I don’t mind having my supplies split between our two upstairs rooms, but I’m as keen as MOH that they don’t take over - and with wool for crochet and knitting projects, materials and threads for all sorts of sewing projects and card making loveliness too, that’s quite possible.  I’ve been hatching a plan to get items for the same crafts together to make it easier for a little while now, but I’ve needed some of MOH’s DIY skills as the plan only works if I’m able to access the storage space I have. 

And that’s meant fixing the shelves to the shelving unit, rather than balance them on the boxes. lt’s a small thing, but it’s radicalised my craft supply storage. The shelves have been cut for a while, and the boxes and baskets have been storing stuff. It’s just that, in the case of the boxes I’m not sure exactly what and finding out has been a palaver.  

baskets shelves and boxes makes me happy

But no longer. Now the shelves are attached to the units - like proper shelves - I can get the boxes out easily, and that’s meant card blanks and envelopes can be stored in the grey boxes, and other “they’ll be useful” items, like maps and music can for the first time be stored together in the larger cream boxes.

All of which makes me inordinately happy.  

music and maps

During this latest sort through I rediscovered all my momentoes from London 2012, including tickets and maps from the events we attended and much from my time volunteering as a London Ambassador. So many memories, some of which I’d forgotten all about, but all of which came flooding back with extraordinary detail once prompted. These included my pink and purple uniform, walking maps, pin badges and my ID, along with the handbooks of useful information and the celebratory teamwork baton presented once the Olympics and Paralympics had completed. What a great time, and experience that was. 

I’ve a couple more spaces to sort out - not craft supply spaces (at the moment anyway!) - and who knows what memories they’ll provoke, I’ve no idea, but I’m quite interested to find out.  MOH is just pleased that his DIY skills were much appreciated, and happy for them to be stood down for the next phase, I’m sure.

And the best bit? Once the organising is done, the crafting and card making can begin again - yay! 

Spring bedding, of the bedlinen sort

Yes I'm talking about bedding again, it seems it was the weekend for both refreshing an existing set and trying out a brand new one too.  Handy really as the one I dyed has now been earmarked for another bedroom, so the new set's arrival was well timed, and while I need to start thinking about bedding of the garden type, for now I'm happy to share these.  It's lovely and Spring-like don't you think?

teal bedding that tones very well with the headboard and existing contrasting bedlinen
I think you'll be surprised about where they're from.  I know I was pleasantly surprised when browsing the website when choosing and I'll admit their products challenged my memories and preconceptions of this shop. It's a retailer that's well known for its thermals, and when they got in touch to discuss working together, given my over active thyroid I was hoping it wasn't for the thermals.

No doubt by now you've worked out this pretty bedding is just one of the bedding sets available from Damart.
Jardin duvet set by Damart

It's the Jardin set, in teal and I love its fresh look and how it tones with our existing decor, the headboard and coloured sheets and pillowcases.  I don't know if you were surprised as I was, but I know that this has made me realise that it's well worth keeping an open mind.

And it's not just their bedding that turned my head, there's some great looking dresses on the site too.  As I said before Damart are well known for their thermals, but with my overactive thyroid thermals are the last thing I need, whereas MOH is the 'icebox' - funny how often, couples can be at different ends of the body warmth scale isn't it?

But enough musing, back to the duvet set. I think it goes pretty well with my caravan quilt too.  I don't sign up to the school of thought that everything has to match, it's nice to have something that isn't quite what's expected, but nothing too wacky or out there. Like many things it's a balance and what you're comfortable with, isn't it?

A new jardin duvet set teamed with my caravan quilt
Take a longer look at the Jardin duvet set from Damart
Atlantique tab from Damart

There's nothing better than new bedding, well... apart from freshly ironed new bedding!  It's starting to be a bit of a habit as once again I found myself wielding the iron. That's twice in a month, but don't worry it's not one I'm hoping to keep up! 

Excitement and clarity, but still work in progress

Well yesterday was new-table-Tuesday and I can't tell you how excited that made me!

We knew our new table was about due, but the call on Saturday afternoon to arrange delivery took us by surprise. By chance MOH was already planning to be at home yesterday so I added a task to his workload for the day - wait in for the new table!

It arrived within its timeslot and it wasn't long before it was assembled and I received this photo from MOH. 



As I said, it's still a work in progress. As while yesterday was new-table-Tuesday we're still waiting for a delivery date for our new chairs. They're due in the next couple of weeks so until then we'll be using the reproduction-style chairs because at least that way we can use our new table!

Already it's brought our dining area bang up-to-date (well if you ignore the chairs) and MOH who saw it in full daylight, said it's amazing how much lighter it is in that part of our house. Which is good as that's what we hoped would happen with a white glass table.

And I'm so impressed that he texted me a photo of it without prompting!  

Clearly my new table excitement was obvious.





Now I'm super-excited for the chairs to be here.

Pinpointing the issue with our study (aka my craft room)

We've made other progress too this week, quite unexpectedly as it turns out.  As we now have a "spare" pigeon shelf to find a home for - as we decided against hanging them both in the porch - clearly not really a problem as I quite quickly knew it would be ideal in my craft room, or the room MOH still calls the study.

It's a room in the eaves so only has two straight walls, and one of those is covered with bookcases. This means there's really only one wall it can go on which we measured and of course it fits. What MOH didn't know was that I was really measuring to see if I could fit a pinboard in alongside it, but I'll let him know that nearer the time. 

So with its final location agreed (well the wall, if not the actual placement) we needed to decide on the colour. I'm loathed to have another pot of paint to store, which we'll never use again but the eggshell colours we have didn't go with the cream walls. I've written before that I wasn't sure about the cream being the right colour, and now rather than ignore it I had to face it head on.

MOH agreed. But each of us knew there's quite a bit of painting ahead. So our plan is to decorate half of our top floor, replacing the cream colour with something from the cooler palette.  MOH is keen for a pale green that we used to have up there, and I'm tending to agree.

And you know what, with that decision has come clarity. And renewed vigour to get the study in particular sorted out as it's the place that is storing the things we're not quite sure what to do with.

A revised to do list

  1.  Finish painting the "spare" pigeon shelf to hang in the study

  2. Repaint the cream in the study and the top bedroom a cooler colour (including the built in floor to ceiling open shelving unit)

  3. Dejunk both of those rooms (probably before we start painting)

  4. Find new homes for our reproduction table, chairs, corner unit and sideboard so that we can reclaim the conservatory before we want to use the conservatory as it was intended.

  5. Finally hang the picture wall I've been planning in my head on the study wall.

Simple hey? There is, I fear much more to it than these five simple steps - I'll keep you posted...

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