A tree visit, and it's flourishing

When I last wrote about the tree in April there had been shocking news and it had been severely pollarded. Such drastic action had left me quite literally stumped for words and it's been a while since I've walked that way into Blackheath.

However yesterday when I misjudged my timings and unbelievably managed to leave home earlier than planned (it doesn't happen often so I should note it down) I decided it was time to pay the tree a visit. 

Unsure of what I would find I headed down the path and saw this:



It certainly is a plucky thing - I was going to say little, but it's far from little! I know that when you cut a plant that encourages growth, but I hadn't thought it would grow quite so much, so quickly.  And now I'm kicking myself for not visiting before.

The size of its leaves still amaze me.

Huge aren't they?

And it still amuses me that it's behind railings, and you know how much I like some ironwork.

I left pleased to see that the tree was making a go of it and wondering how long it would be before it was cut again. As I wandered along the path towards the village and the station I spotted this mystery plant.  I'd not seen it before and it was quite striking, does anyone know what it is?



The rich berry-like colour did seem to signal something though, along with the blackberries ripening everywhere I think we can safely say that Autumn is approaching.


Shocking news from The Tree

Oh my! I popped over to see the tree today, slightly later than usual but all in all I got quite a shock. But before we get to that take a look at the rhododendrons that have started to flower along the path - fuchsia, white and the palest of pinks...

In the past as I've approached my tree, I've worried that I can't see it but not yesterday. I was expecting to see some shoots of green, as my own garden has burst into life in the past few weeks.  But I wasn't prepared for what I saw.

Just look.

Yes. It's now a stump. About a metre high.

I wasn't expecting that. Just a month ago, it looked like a tree, with branches. 

Looking back at the photos it had been pollarded before, but at approximately twice the height of what it is now. I wonder why it's been cut so drastically... I guess, I'll never know.

It left me quite stumped (pun not intended) for words. Well it would, wouldn't it? I wonder now, how long it will take for it to sprout new growth. I hope it does and doesn't just give up. I expect it will though - my tree is made of sterner stuff, I'm sure...

Anyway heading off, I was struck by how pretty the view towards Blackheath was:

But it did make me smile at how these daffodils were being kept behind the railings. For their safety or for mine, I wondered...



So that wasn't quite the update I expected to write and I'm already wondering what next month's update will bring...

Meanwhile, back at The Tree...

I was late again popping over and seeing the tree that I'm following - you can see previous updates and more about "my" Paulownia Tomentosa here - then when I did get there it was probably on one of the greyest, dreariest days we've had for a while. And it had just started to rain...

So while these first few photos may look as if they're black and white, they're not. It really was that grey here yesterday. But thankfully the rain was only light and eased off relatively quickly when I was out.  I was out on my new trusty bike and I wasn't sure about getting that wet at all!

There's very little signs of life yet, but the branches remain tall and upright. Spring has not sprung for my tree yet, although there's blossom starting to appear on other trees in the area.

The one thing about there not being any leaves yet, is that you can clearly see the trunk and its bark.  And it stands out nicely against the brick wall behind.

The rain too brought an interest I wasn't expecting, with raindrops hanging from the more horizontal branches.

And I couldn't finish this post without showing you a glimpse of my new transport, which insisted on posing for a shot in front of the tree...

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