Reflecting on my week #95

It’s been another of those weeks where the work days fly past pretty much unmarked and almost unnoticed apart from the amount of time spent away from home, and where it feels like we’re living for the weekend. And in a way, we are, as without the confines of the office we can cram as much in as we can. Or we can choose to stop and chill.

Or do a bit of both. The end of last week saw both of those. A relaxing, but get things done kind of day at home, where I finally ordered a new kitchen bin (the one we saw at Grand Designs in May) and some doormats which I’d been pondering for a little while longer.

There was also a trip to Norfolk, in the wind, and after a short delay at the Blackwall Tunnel we were on our way. Only to be paused again a few miles further down the road, with a small fallen tree. Recognising that it could turn into one of those journeys, a loo stop was built in. Nearly four hours later we arrived armed with a fish and chip supper.

Sunny Hunny in the wind

It’s often windy in Hunstanton, but even for there it was windy this weekend with its 50mph winds. So of course, what better than to go along the cliff tops for a walk?

Beside the sea in sunny hunny

It was hard work at times. Even the plants were struggling.

Plants in hunstanton battered by the wind

With the forecast proving to be correct, some indoor activity was needed. And that’s how we found ourselves in Setchey, close to Kings Lynn, wandering around a warehouse of antiques and collectibles. It was the sort of place that was displayed in a series of spaces, each with items belonging to a separate vendor.

fab-licious vintage sign

The result was a visual assault on your senses, so much so that it was impossible to see everything on a single walk around the vast space. There were items along the way, like this Fab-licious sign, that seriously tempted me and challenged me to remember their exact locations, should temptation really bite and turn into a purchase.

There was a small decorative brass box, which I was so taken with somehow I didn’t even photograph, and now wish I had. But by then something else had caught my eye - a large basket of embroidery and crochet threads, which I immediately thought could work with the part-finished tablecloth, and project for the future, which I purchased in a similar kind of place in Suffolk a while back.

A basket of vintage craft supplies

Looking back at that post I was pretty pleased with my colour matching memory. I was also pretty sure that I’d have fun just sorting through its contents, which turned out to be the case, I’m sharing more about what was in the basket in my next post, but no promises on exactly how I’ll use them!

Love This #84: Spools and wooden shoe forms

This month’s Love This post is also from last year’s Grand Designs Live and was right alongside the lovely radiators I shared before. You can just imagine my joy, and MOH’s despair as he tried to move me along without leaving with either any of these, a radiator or even any of the tiles.

Sometimes he has a tough job… But luckily for my purse he’s often there to do it.

Though these wooden spools or bobbins, would look great wouldn’t they as a ornament? And not just in a craft room, although they’d look great there I think they’d work in almost any room, and bring their character to the space. I”m sure they’d be a talking point too.

Wooden spools
top down view of the wooden bobbins

I managed to leave without any, but I’ve made a mental note - and now a blog note - to add them to my virtual wish list. If I see any when I’m out and about that are reasonably priced then leaving them there might be a completely different proposition. I think I was distracted though, by these.


Wooden shoe forms. I’m well known for being a bit of shoequeen, so it makes sense to be curious about these too. They are fascinating and beautiful in their own right, and again would make an unusual addition to a display area. And they really do make you think about how shoes are - and used to be - made.

The lights too are where it got interesting, as that’s where MOH and I swap roles. He would easily have left with even more than these - we saw plenty of vintage lights at the show - and that’s even before we saw this one:

A vintage industrial light

We both almost wavered, but practicality - and lack of space - won again. For now.

Petrol at Creake Abbey

We’ve popped up to Norfolk this weekend, but sadly not for the weather. We’ve had all sorts, along with the what seems like obligatory wind in this part of the world, including hailstones, rain and sun. The good thing about the rain is that the wind stops, small blessings hey?

This photo of the fabulously vintage petrol pump is one from our visit here earlier in the year, and is just around the corner of the building which is home to all of those galvanised pots at Creake Abbey. I’m a fan of its patina and the layers of paint which have no doubt built up over the years.

An old fashioned petrol pump

It’s true, they just don’t make them like this any more - and that’s probably just as well, but it’s good to see that some of these have survived. There’s a couple of petrol pumps in St Mawes down in Cornwall, which from memory where red (the photo in the post is black and white). Looking at these again they seem slightly newer than this one!