A luxe dining room

When I saw this dining room at the Ideal Home Show, I was struck by how one thing - or six of one thing - can make such an impact on a room. You’ve heard about having a statement piece, but these pastel pink chairs really are the eye-catching feature of the room, aren’t they?

pastel pink, glass, wood and dramatic flooring

The rest of the room is very “together” with its black, gilt and glass, even the table top looks to have a smoke feel to it. And with more normal, or traditional chairs I’m not sure you’d give the room much of a second look.  I mean, it’s still beautiful, but those chairs... 

pastels, dramatics and touches of gilt

When you looked more closely there was much to see.  This side table, which is beautifully presented and is how, in my head I arrange things (though in reality it’s not quite the same!) is stunning. I’m a fan of the table itself too, its simple and classic design is understated and is a good reminder that not everything needs to be fancy and ornate. 

A stunning sidetable with candles and orchids

The lights too work well as accent lighting, but it’s the paint effect that too is subtle but effective. It shows how how quite simply you can add “depth” to your space, and give the illusion of alcoves, or just add some interest to a plain space.   

It’s a simple idea and with patience should be achievable with a few toning pots of paint and some masking tape. 

Looking back over these photos, I realised this roomset may have influenced me more than I first realised, and the cake is a bit of a clue for you - and for once it’s not the actual cake! 

afternoon tea on a gilt trolley

The drinks trolley, or as it’s styled here afternoon tea trolley is quite similar to the drinks trolley we bought back in the summer, and which I’ve yet to share here.  MOH is sneaking more and more drinks paraphernalia onto our trolley, and I’m making it look a little less”plonked” there, I hope.

But its first proper use for me was for a relaxing proper tea one afternoon, strange hey -and what’s worse I didn’t even have any cake, even though I’m not sure you’ll believe that.

overall a calming and relaxing room

So, what do you think - is it for you, or not?