Word of the week: Tights

This week I had a choice of two words, I've opted for tights as that seems a better fit (although it's rare they actually fit well, isn't it?) You see this week I've rediscovered my legs - legs was the other word I thought of, but I thought if I'd chosen that that could be a whole other post. 


So having rediscovered my legs, I quickly realised I needed to cover them up again pretty sharpish what with the weather. I spent the summer in shorts but since the weather cooled I've mostly been wearing jeans and to be honest was getting pretty fed up with them (the jeans, not my legs). The legs rediscovery is linked to the unpacking I've been doing as I've found my skirts and more casual dresses again, so it's good news.  

There's been coloured tights (1), opaque tights (3), sheer tights (1), laddered tights (2), cool you down tights* (1) , black with white bobbly bits on-that-aren't-part-of-the-design tights** (1), tights that somehow twist and threaten to cut the circulation to your leg (2), tights that fit (0), tights that stay up (0.5***) but thankfully none that have gone completely Nora Batty on me!

And in case you're wondering, some of the tights have been double counted in that list - I haven't worn quite that many tights!

Oh, the joys of tights! What do you love or loathe about them? 

The Reading Residence


* or whatever their technical name is, btw the technology works

** how (and why!) does that happen? 

*** I only wore them out for dinner so am unsure if this was a fluke or if they really do stay up, now of course I can't remember which ones they were!