Word of the week: Bruised

This week I've got a few bruises, so it seemed right that my word of the week is bruised. I'm fine, but there's a learning in here for me!


We had a cycle Sunday morning and it was another relatively long one. We headed to the north side of the Thames and fairly soon stopped for breakfast, shortly after that we were adopted by a group of cyclists who led the way to the Thames Barrier Park where I discovered some fantastic wavy hedges. We said our thank yous and goodbyes to the cycling group, took a few snaps of the Thames Barrier from the north side and then we set off to hunt down the Woolwich foot tunnel. This took us longer than we thought and a few detours later just as we were giving up we found it next to the Woolwich Ferry. Then it was a cycle along the Thames Path and back home, and I thought nothing more of it and as it was a nice day we headed out into the garden. 

Monday morning and I'm on my bike again and heading off to Pilates. I noticed my knee was sore but for whatever reason didn't think to look at it. When the instructor asked if there were any injuries I mentioned my knee and she changed some of the exercises and kept checking I was ok. I was and just put it down to the longish cycle the day before, or the gardening somehow.  

As it was a nice day I decided to cycle the much longer way home and stop off at the Chinese supermarket too. In Greenwich I jumped off my bike to cross the road using the pedestrian crossing to avoid cycling around the busy one way system. As I did, in my haste I banged my sore knee on the pedal. Ouch! Again I thought no more of it and went on my way.

When I got home I finally looked at my knee. Imagine my surprise then to discover one fully-developed colourful bruise, and another one on the way...

Whoops! Clearly I need to be more careful when I get off my bike if I want my right knee to survive unscathed! Clearly I've been playing the sympathy card whenever MOH is around, but alas not to much effect. But at least I know why I had a sore knee... 😊

I hope you've had a bruise-free week! 

The Reading Residence