Recycling food waste

Well you may think I'm odd but recycling food waste is something I feel strongly about. We've composted vegetable peelings for as long as I can remember, and when our local council introduced a green bin I was all for that too.  Not only does it take all of the food waste we can't compost, such as bread, bones and fat (once it's cooled down) it helps us shift the garden waste we don't have room for in our two compost bins.   Remember the fun (!?) and how much compost we got from the first one, yes the one that looked like a Dalek... well the second one's due for emptying soon, so we'll be enjoying some more mucky fun in the next few weeks!

Anyway, I digress a little. Recycling food waste is something we can all do and it's not as bad, smelly or gross as you think. I promise. Last year the people at Recycle Now asked on Twitter for tips on how to recycle food waste, so off I tweeted about my under counter food bins which I was determined to incorporate in our new kitchen.

So when Recycle Now got in touch and asked if I'd be willing to go on film and talk about recycling food waste, I did. There's nothing like putting your money where your mouth is, is there?  You can watch my video, filmed in my kitchen last December showing how I recycle food waste here:

Do you recycle food waste and have other tips to share? And if you don't yet recycle your food waste, are you reconsidering that decision?