Post Comment Love: 29 September - 1 October 2017

Hello there, one thing before I welcome you properly. October.


How is that happening this weekend, I love autumn, but I don't feel ready just yet.

Right I'm glad I've got that out of the way, welcome. If you were here last week it was great to see you and I'm pleased with myself for making it round to all of your posts, now there's just the small matter of catching up to deal with. If you're new here this week, it's also great to see you and I hope you'll find some great posts, and potentially new to you blogs to read.

This week started off with a relaxing weekend in Norfolk and then a night out on Monday, which is enough to throw my week. And true to form I've been double checking what day it is ever since. I was out at a blog event Monday night with Mira Showers and had the best night. There were cocktails, a neck massage - which was very welcome as I seem to have slept "funny" on mine - and an attempt to make some beauty products. I'm looking forward to trying the new showerhead and my beauty products too.  I also bumped into a couple of journalists there who'd been on the Stihl trip back in January, and as well as meeting some new-to-me-bloggers, that all made for a lovely evening.

I've successfully managed to dodge the rain so far and I think I'm close to deciding on my next "a year in" subject, so if you're interested pop back at the start of the month. Oh there I go again, I've just reminded myself it's October soon...

autumn in greenwich park

My picture this week is of Greenwich Park and of a vista I don't see all that often. Walking home a different route, on my way to the hairdressers I was blown away by the prettiness - and autumn-ness - of it all, so even though I was running late (no surprise there!) I couldn't not take a picture now could I?

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