Why, what...


At River Cottage last week, at one of the sessions we talked about collaborating with other bloggers. Since then my little grey cells have been whirling as with Christmas approaching, for me, it brings the ideal opportunity to do something with posts we most probably already have.  We know that Christmas content is often evergreen, and it's also wide-ranging - so what better way to share them than to work together? 


The other thing about Christmas is the content covers a wide genre of posts, from crafts to kitchen, from gift guides to great seasonal reads to great places to visit and more.

Thinking about how to make this happen, I thought about an advent calendar but quickly dismissed that as a lot of work - 24 days... Next up was something relating to the twelve days of Christmas, and while that was half the work, it still seemed a lot to do especially as we're already half way through November (eek!) - maybe next year!

So I've settled on something much easier and something I've done before, earlier this year when Penny from A Residence proposed a collaboration on garden projects in fact. The result of that collaboration was this post with Lots of inspiring garden projects.

All each of us needs to do is host a post on our own blog with our projects or tips or Christmassy-thing and write a sentence, linking to the post you've written to introduce your post, which everyone else will use at the bottom of their blog post.  

So the sentence I wrote to introduce my Lots of inspiring garden projects post was:

Stephanie at Life at 139a has two posts on how giving your garden furniture a scrub and revamp can work wonders as well as tips on how to repot your houseplants.

When, who...


For our posts to get the maximum exposure during December, I think it'd be great to do this early in December, by the 4th latest. Open to ideas on which day, or if it should be at the end of November.  As I'm writing this a River Cottage email has just dropped into my mailbox telling me Christmas is just six weeks away... (double eek!)


Well, rather than post this in a blogging group and get replies from people I barely know, I'm asking bloggers I've met and interact with and am Facebook friends with. Please don't feel you have to get involved, I won't be offended at all, but if you're interested please let me know. I've popped a list below so you can match blogs to names of those I've contacted.

  • Lins - http://booandmaddie.com/
  • Caro - http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk/
  • Jess - http://mummyofboygirltwins.com/
  • Jocelyn - http://www.thereadingresidence.com/
  • Nicky - http://notjustthe3ofus.com/
  • Jane - http://maflingo.com/ 
  • Nell - http://pigeonpairandme.com/
  • Kirsty - http://www.hijackedbytwins.com/ 
  • Morgan - http://www.morganprince.com/
  • Catherine - http://growingfamily.co.uk/
  • Vicky - http://www.singlemotherahoy.com/



The overall theme is Christmas (obvs!) but how you structure your post and sentence is up to you. You could choose to look back at a few older but evergreen Christmas posts or you could use a post you're planning to write anyway. The key thing, I think, is to provide something useful for our readers, as an example I'm thinking of including my bleaching pine cones post, making a Christmas wreathsome handmade gift tags and/or a visit to Geffrye museum at Christmas.  I'm going with old posts to give them another airing, and because I haven't worked out yet what Christmas posts I'll be doing this year yet!!!

What you need to do

  1. Let me know by 8pm Weds 16 November (either way please) either on FB or by email or using my contact form, whichever is easiest.
  2. If you're interested, let me know your preference on publishing date 
    • Thursday 1 December
    • Friday 2 December
    • Saturday 3 December
    • Sunday 4 December
    • Sometime before December starts (suggest a date)
  3. Create a post (but don't publish it until the agreed date) and provide a sentence to introduce your post.
    • I'll create a document that we can all access to share this info.  We'll need this info at least a week before the post is due to go live. 
    • You'll also need to share your post's url and it'd be handy to include your twitter id so everything's in one place.
  4. Wait for the publish date and our posts to go live, promote our posts (and each other) as we go.