Climbing the Leaning of Tower of Pisa

Climbing the Leaning of Tower of Pisa

Hi there - thanks for visiting my blog - I'm Stephanie and this is my homes and gardens blog. 

I blog all about my life here at Life at 139a, the home I share with MOH, our garden projects and how we're getting on with taming our still relatively new allotment plot, as well as our harvests.

I also write about the homes and gardens I visit, the things I love and where I explore. Often that's London where I live, sometimes it's further afield and as I'm a keen photographer there's often plenty of snaps along the way.

My current projects - apart from the allotment, which is a long-term project - include installing edging to our lawn, sourcing a bike shed and working out how to incorporate some sleepers into our garden. 

Indoors, I plan to make some dining table accessories (think placemats and napkins) to complement our new furniture, oh and plan a conservatory revamp.

I'm still in love with my bike, it's a Pendleton Somerby complete with the all important wicker basket, and this year we took our bikes to France and cycled along the Loire, and had the best time.

Here's a few of my most popular and favourite posts to introduce you to me and my life at 139a:

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And I love to read and reply to your comments, so please don't be shy!

Stephanie x