Post Comment Love 18-20 October

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There’s no doubt now is there, that we’re well and truly into autumn. There’s been glimpses of sun - and that’s felt like a real treat - but mostly it’s been wet, which hasn’t been so good, but when it’s not quite so torrential, there’s definitely something calming about walking in the rain. I’m not sure what it is, maybe it’s calmness, maybe it’s something about the ‘smell’ of rain, or maybe it’s just madness.

Bring on the pumpkins though I say - to eat, to look at, but mostly to eat. These were in the porch of one of the buildings at Kenilworth Castle, and yes, I left them there.

pumpkins at Kenilworth Castle

There’s no Blogger Showcase again this week - and in a real first, I’ve not posted either this week, so I’ve nothing to link. I’m hoping to get back on my blog game shortly, and Morgan and I are starting to think about what a Blogger Showcase 2.0 might look like. If you’ve any suggestions then please drop us both a tweet.

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Motor cars, prints with all the glamour

Motor cars, just saying the words make me smile and think of something terribly old-fashioned. And if you’ve already seen the pictures in this post, you’ll understand why it’s motor car, and not just car.

Motor cars scream glamour, sophistication and money. Though to be fair, today’s more modern day versions are hardly cheap are they?

But it was on our recent trip to Kenilworth Castle that my inner petrol-head was once again reignited. And in the most fantastic way, with these fascinating drawings, or prints of old-fashioned cars. They were part of the 'Speed and Power: John Siddeley, Pioneer of the Motor Age' at Kenilworth Castle, which celebrates motoring and aviation pioneer, Sir John Siddeley and first Baron Kenilworth, a British motoring pioneer who bought the castle in 1937.

a cross section drawing of a vintage car
a vintage car drawing

Aren’t they great? And weren’t you momentarily transported back to what appears to be a more glamorous - and one would expect, less road rage filled - age?

Reflecting on my week #100

Writing here has taken a bit of a backseat lately, as I’m sure you’ve spotted, but I’ve realised with the help of the quote below that we all need a bit of an outlet. Here, and crafts - currently crochet - are my thing, and birth have been relatively quiet of late. In fact a photo I’d submitted for a World Mental Health Day exhibition last year, was the prompt. I’d missed the exhibition last year, but the photos were used again this year, and so I got to see it, finally.

The irony of my own advice and of my current ‘busyness’ which hurtled past overwhelm a little while back, isn’t lost on me!


And so with a weekend free of commitments, that’s just what I did. The weather too played its part, as who wanted to venture out unless it was essential, definitely not me. Though we did pop to Majestic for a bit of a wine shop, definitely essentials!

As well as a busy working week, we’ve had some busy weekends. There’s been a medieval banquet near Coventry, a work conference in Birmingham - both within a few days of each other, but which required a trip back to London in between, but hey ho. Both were good, and while up that way we stopped off for a visit at Kenilworth Castle, a truly fascinating place. Castle ruins for MOH to look around, and a garden for me - and there was plenty still out too, so more to see than I’d expected.

If you’re not convinced by crafting to create some headspace, for me it definitely works. And this quote was something I needed to see.


Combined with my word for the year, which has been nagging at me lately - it’s focus! - I’ve had a quiet weekend with my crochet, and with MOH of course! The grey squares from the last post in this series have been sewn together, or 9 of them at least and I’m on my third round of the shell border. Though I had to unravel most of the shells and start again, as I’d messed up.

Normally I’d debate with myself if I could continue, but this weekend the unraveling helped too. I’m back to where I was before it all started and this time, at least, it was good to keep my creativity in line with the actual pattern.

I wish there was something more momentous for this ‘milestone’ post, but there isn’t.

There’s plenty more busyness ahead I’m sure. But I’m also hoping to spend some more-time-than-lately here, and with my crochet too.

So, time out taken, let ‘normal’ life resume.