Leather and yarn, a dangerous discovery

The nicer weather is one of the things that encourages me out of the office at lunchtime, the other is of course not bringing lunch from home. I’ve a simple need, which includes food at lunchtime, but that’s probably a whole other post. Although I will say, bringing lunch from home has quite quickly become habit and one that’s easy to do, and obviously much more cost effective.

After having my nails done the other week, I’ve set myself a new promise to get myself out more at lunchtime. There’s plenty of shops to mooch around in Greenwich town centre, and my plan was to head to the bag shop to have a browse and replace a bag I bought from there many years ago, which has sadly now stained. But before I got there, I got distracted. I’m not sure what caught my attention but I soon found myself in Coco Barclay, a shop I don’t think I’ve been in before.

a table of trinkets and more

It’s main purpose is for handmade leather bags and purses, but there’s plenty more. And it was the plenty more that caught my eye. The bags were lovely, but there was so much more. The leather tassel nearly came home with me, and now I know where to go when I need a bag to go with almost any outfit. In fact I think that should be any outfit, as I think if they don’t have what you want, they’d relatively quickly be able to find it and no doubt do exactly what you want.

A basket of glittering bags
something to look at more closely throughout the store

These caught my eye, the multi-coloured one especially. But as I was on my way around the corner to the bag shop I resisted…

fringed leather totes

There were cards too, which is always useful to know for those card emergencies. There is a great card shop in Greenwich, but sometimes having something a little different works well, and these hexies on a card blank are just that. It’s also a great idea, which I’d never thought of before.


It was they type of shop that had something to see everywhere you looked, especially for me the lover of colour and patterns. Patterned eye mask anyone?

woolen eye masks, the prettiest patterns
A pile of wraps and shawls

Or a pile of wraps or shawls?

And remember that tassel from earlier, there was more. Leather tasselled jewellery. I do like a long necklace, and these were gorgeous.

leather pom pom jewellery

MOH has just asked what I would like for my birthday, I didn’t know - but maybe now I do. I also remember what caught my eye and enticed me in. There was a small sign that said there was wool, so of course I was going in.

just some of the yarn at yarnorama

The small basement was full of wool and shawls, and that’s why this shop was a dangerous discovery. So close to work, and so much loveliness.

Downstairs in yarnorama

But on the plus side, it should get me out of the office more!

Possibly the prettiest geometry?

Life is full of patterns. They’re everywhere you look, don’t believe me?  Then, perhaps you’re not looking hard enough. I mean, take the picture below, what’s the pattern there?

simple shapes, pretty tiles and mirrors in threes

There’s many. The obvious pattern is the tiles, with its pretty pastel triangles that draw your eye along and through creating a pretty geometric pattern.  But there more. The three mirrors, and even how the items are laid out on the worktop.  Stepping back, the wash basins and even the spotlights add a further layer of detail.

rows of basins against geometric tiles

And you’re probably wondering where these fab loos are, well they’re in The Sipping Room in Canary Wharf. That’s where the UK launch of the 4K Outdoor Oven from Everdure by Heston was held, and well, it would have been rude not to check out the loos wouldn’t it? There were certainly more than usual…

Straight lines and triangles.jpg

So, I’m guessing that it’s a popular haunt with the Canary Wharf workers, and it’s easy to see why as the bar and terrace are also lovely. I’ve some pictures of those too, but am saving them for another day, and you never know I might make another visit to see if the decor changes to match the season.

the flower doesn't dream of the bee

Quotes on mirrors, seem to be a bit of a thing in City/Canary Wharf bars. Perhaps it’s one following the other, perhaps it’s a thing more widely and I’ve just not picked up on it. But then again the places I visit outside of town, have a completely different vibe so quotes on mirrors probably isn’t their thing. I do like this quote though, on face value, it’s true but there’s also something deeper that each of us should remember, isn’t there?

lanterns, succulents and fluff

There were lots of fabulous touches around the ladies loo - including this fur ‘rug’ or mat for the lantern - and that’s what I was wondering, as in April when it was a bit chilly the fur rugs were in keeping with the season, but in the midst of summer (if and when it arrives) they might look a bit odd.

The sweets though, they’d be welcome come rain or shine. A great addition to the loos!

sweets in the loos - it's a yes from me
a bowl of succulents

There were also two more of my favourite things (I’ve moved on from the sweets). I meant the succulents, how fab is that bowl or saucer of succulents. I’ve a plan for succulents in my garden this year, which involves a picture frame and a visit to the garden centre. There’s much to do in the garden before I can play with that idea though, so that’s a case of watch this space, but don’t watch too closely as it’ll be a little while.

working with the history of the building

The other favourite thing of mine is mixing old with new. Not everything needs to be brand spanking new, sometimes it’s nice to keep a bit of the building’s history, especially in this case when it seems to be helping to hold the building up! I know a sharp corner looks good, but does it have as much character as something like this? I think not!

Reflecting on my week #84

Ah, it’s Press Day at Chelsea today and while I didn’t get a pass this year (boo!) as I sat down to write this post I couldn’t help but remember my day there last year with fond memories. I’m sorry to be missing it, as it really was the most enjoyable day, but I’m also keen to see the highlights of the show on the tv programme throughout the week. I’ve still plenty of photos to share from my visit- I’m not sure where the year has gone, so perhaps it’s no bad thing I’m not there, after all.

Last week was its usual busy self, and there was some sun wasn’t there, which was most welcome. Although it seems my body is having the strangest of times with the sun this year.  Over Easter while topping up my natural Vitamin D, I caught a little bit too much sun and had some very silly tan lines, which still persist. It seems this year my skin is either embracing those rays or ignoring them completely, nothing in the middle, which is quite odd (for me).

As the weather improves though so does my ability to actually take a short lunch break; on Monday a sandwich in the sun and Tuesday discovering what could be dangerous to me, a yarn shop in Greenwich, but a little more on that later in the week. 



As exams complete and the end of term approaches, there’s been a noticeable shift in activities at work. There’s ‘end of year’ celebrations and starting to look ahead to September, although I’ve much to fit in before then, including some more holidays, but somehow it’s been a week without many photos, and none that relate to this post, which is unusual, so instead I’m including a photo with a nod to Chelsea!

This weekend was earmarked for plenty of gardening, as we’ve seriously fallen behind in our plans to maximise green bin space and reclaim some of our border space. somehow though it was hijacked with a trip into town, meeting up with family and a couple of meals out, one of which was the largest roast dinner ever, or so it seemed as I munched my way through the Yorkshire pudding, trying to find some space on the plate for vegetables.

The tube journey home prompted me to read a book, I think if I commuted again I’d read a lot more, but then again that’s a bit drastic really isn’t it? I started a book - The Stolen Marriage by Diane Chamberlain, which I highly recommend - on the way home from our impromptu shopping trip early evening on Saturday, and had finished it by lunchtime Sunday.  

I love books that draw you in and immerse you entirely, and which encourage under the cover reading when you wake in the small hours, but they don’t always make me the most productive person, which is, I think, why my reading at the moment is so sporadic. But with a holiday on the horizon that could change!