Post Comment Love & Blogger Showcase 15 - 17 December

Hello there and welcome to the last #PoCoLo of the year, that sounds odd to be typing but Christmas is hurtling towards us at a frightening rate. Morgan and I both agree that Christmas is a time for spending with families and not necessarily online so we're taking a break until the first Friday of 2018.

If you were here last week, thank you - it was great to see you and read your posts. If you're new here, then welcome, you're going to find some smashing posts and we hope that you'll join us again in the New Year.

This week has passed in a blur, somehow it's Friday again and I'm not really sure I know how. I still have plenty of Christmas shopping to do, and we're off today so hopefully some of that will miraculously happen. I'm hoping it will anyway, and if it could happen while I'm out at lunch and enjoying myself that would be doubly good!  I very much doubt it though...

My photo this week is from our trip to Hastings last Christmas and was taken on our Boxing Day walk. It wasn't quite as deserted as it looks, but it was every bit as beautiful.

A Boxing Day walk in sussex

Blogger Showcase: Dark Saint Web

1. Who are you?

I am an Introspective writer who is figuring out how much talent I might actually have. I do love words even if it’s me writing them or someone else’s, doesn’t really matter as long its relatable and speaks to me.

2. How did you discover blogs/blogging?

In all honesty, surfing the web.

3. Why did you start blogging?

I needed to escape and there was too much in my head. I believed whatever I was going through, I couldn’t be the only one. So I blogged to find my emotional doppelgangers.

4. What do you find most challenging?

Life and everything around it.

5. What is your favourite topic to write about?

I do, I want to create a platform for those who can’t seem to find the answers, providing them a place where they can just vent or simply seek solace.

6. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

The freedom.

7. Have you ever attended a blogging conference and if so, what did you think?


8. What are your three best posts?

10(Tired), 45(Music), 7(Hey Me)

9. Describe yourself in three words!

Weird, Passionate and Quiet.

10. Are you a tea and biscuits or coffee and cake person?

Coffee and cake.

11. What's your idea of a perfect night out?

Great people, good food and tolerable weather.

12. Your perfect night in?

Sweats and the remote control.

13. What would your best friend/OH/mum or kids say is your best quality?

I fight blindly and wholeheartedly for the ones I love.

*** This is the last #PoCoLo of 2017 - join us, link up and comment away - then come back on Friday 5 January 2018 and let's do it all again!  Both Morgan and I have had another great year hosting #PoCoLo and we're very grateful for your support, and look forward to seeing you and your blog posts again next year.  Incase I don't get the chance again, have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ***

The Christmas edition of the Loo Series

And it's only the Christmas edition because the photos were taken around Christmas and our afternoon tea had a Christmas theme, and not because there was a Christmas tree in the loo. Unlike yesterday's post where there was a Christmas tree in the bedroom - I still can't help but think that's a little bit decadent.

This is probably one of the softer bathrooms I've posted and it belongs to St Ermins hotel in Westminster. It's feminine too isn't it?

A look into the loos at St Ermin's hotel in London

The pale pink walls, the fish scale lampshade and the mother of pearl inlaid mirrors.  The repetition works well too, doesn't it?

mosiac mirrors at St Ermin's hotel in London

It was harder than usual for me to get photos of this loo as both times I popped along there was an attendant paying close attention to the tidiness, it was that kind of classy establishment. It was also the first loo I've covered that had an auto flush, not that we need pictures of that, but it's something to note.

A row of mother of pearl mirrors at St Ermin's hotel in London

The mirrors were beautiful, so I'm not sure why I'm looking quite so thoughtful or grumpy!



Looking back though, I'm quite impressed at how the pattern on my dress echoed that of the mirror surround. Completely fluke as I'd never been here before, and well, it would be very weird to dress to match the decor wouldn't it?

Heading back up to the table, as the light fell outside, I was also captivated by the light reflecting through the glass. It's almost dancing, I think.

patterned light reflecting on the wall at St Ermin's hotel in London

So what do you think, pretty and feminine - is that your kind of loo?

A Ski Lodge bedroom at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas

Now doesn't this look a calming bedroom?  It's inspired by boutique-style wood cabins and while there's plenty of wood it's not overdone and has avoided that sauna look!  It looks the perfect place to snuggle and hibernate in. 

I'd never considered rustic wood, dusky pink and silver together, but I think it looks great. I'm also a fan of that headboard shelf as you've probably already noticed I am keen on having stuff around me. While I admire the minimalist approach, it's not really for me. 

A comfy looking haven in this room set at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas

It definitely has a feeling of luxury - I can't decide if that's the tea tray on the bed, the many luxurious throws or just the fact that it looks like a place I'd want to spend some time in.  Of course, like even the best hotel bedrooms, once we've arrived it never quite looks as pretty...

It also feels a bit decadent to have a Christmas tree in a bedroom. I know it was the Ideal Home Show at Christmas, and it is a pretty tree, but is that really a thing?

A tallboy and a Christmas tree too  in this room set at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas

I am a fan of the stars, and of that drawer unit though - it's the simple, clean and unfussy lines that appeal. And stars? Well stars are just good aren't they?  I need some more in my life, or more accurately in my decor...

throws and wraps make for a comfy look  in this room set at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas
a look at the bedside tables  in this room set at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas

I'm wondering when I can move in?  Who's joining me?!

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