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Hello there and welcome to this week’s #PoCoLo a friendly linky where you can link any post published in the last week. It’s good to be back after a break for Easter, and an Easter with such lovely weather, although it would be good to have that back too, wouldn’t it?

Both Morgan and I know you’ll find some great posts to read, maybe some new-to-you blogs too, so do pop over to some of the posts linked and take the time to leave a comment or two so that everyone benefits from some extra love.

I had a relaxing Easter, got a little bit sunburnt in the Norfolk wind, and probably relaxed a little too much as I took an impromptu break from my blog and all the tasks I thought I’d get on with. The result is I'm more behind than I was before, but I’m trying not to beat myself up about that as it’s rare that I don’t post anything for a week, so I think perhaps I needed that break.



Blogger Showcase: Nicky from The Organised Blogger and Spinnin’ Plates

1 Who are you?

Hi I'm Nicky. The creator of Ready To Go! Social Media Graphics Membership and Virtual Assistant at The Organised Blogger along with running my Blog Spinnin Plates. I am also mum of 3, partner to Andy and woofa owner!  Living in North Devon, when we are not working,  we try to spend as much of our time on the beautiful coastline and beaches.

With nearly 30 years of experience including roles as a Personal Assistant in an Advertising Agency, Devon County Council School Administrator, Social Media Designer and Manager, I soon realised that my unique set of skills could help my local and online community.

2 How did you discover blogs/blogging?

I discovered Blogging shortly after I hit breaking point in 2017.  I was working full time, running a busy family and home. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and struggling in every way to do it all and be everything to everyone.  I wanted to share my story, to help others in my position.  That’s when Spinnin’ Plates started.

 My mix of passions has helped mould the path that led me towards starting The Organised Blogger in 2018.

3 Why did you start blogging?

I love working to create a thriving home, life and business and helping other bloggers, small businesses and entrepreneurs to do the same; by minimising daily admin tasks, creating high quality visual graphics, content research and social media management to save time, increase followers and engagement!

Initially, I found it challenging learning on the job.  When you first start blogging, you have no idea what it takes to blog successfully, but I’m a perfectionist and I put my heart and soul into learning full time and within just three months had completed a course and joined an amazing group with a superb mentor.

4 What do you find most challenging?

Initially, I found it challenging learning on the job.  When you first start blogging, you have no idea what it takes to blog successfully, but I’m a perfectionist and I put my heart and soul into learning full time and within just three months had completed a course and joined an amazing group with a superb mentor.

5 Are you blogging for fun or do you have goals?

I now run both my Blog and Business side by side.  Within Spinnin’ Plates I share tips to other busy mums to help them create a calm, organised life.  Over at The Organised Blogger, I offer professional, engaging social media graphics month after month, to suit every Blogger, Small Business, V.A. or Agency. Along with a variety of Virtual Assistant services.

6 What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Blogging has evolved over the years and for me, it is now very much a business, with set goals and I’m happy to say this is not only fun, but the benefits of finding such a wonderful, warm and welcoming community of strong, independent women has been the icing on the cake.

7 Have you ever attended a blogging conference and if so, what did you think?

Living in the South West of England I have found it pretty hard to make any blogging events as it’s always a day there and a day back.  I do have an incredible online tribe and I have started going to local networking events, which has been wonderful.

8 What are your 3 best posts?

My top posts are:

1.  What is your Superpower?

2. Why I’m unfriending you

3. Design Apps for every novice and expert

9 Describe yourself in three words

If I were to describe myself in three words…Kind, generous and (super)organised!

10 Are you a tea and biscuits or coffee and cake person?

After giving up caffeine 2 years ago this month, I am a hot lemon and honey person, and cake, always cake.

11 What's your idea of a perfect night out?

My perfect night out would be dinner with friends.  To get out of the home office and see normal people can’t be underestimated!

12 Your perfect night in?

My perfect night in is always when my partner is home, he travels around the world with his job, so it’s a rare treat!  A nice gin and tonic and a good film, not forgetting a giant bar of galaxy!

13 What would your best friend/OH/mum or kids say is your best quality?

I think people would say that I am always thinking of others. (but they would all agree, I don’t do enough for myself!).

Thanks for sharing more about yourself and your blogs Nicky. You can connect with Nicky on her social channels here:

Spinnin’ Plates: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram
The Organised Blogger: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

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Putting the Ultimax gardening gloves to the test

* This item was gifted by Wilkinson Sword
It must be said I’m a fan of pink gardening gloves. My regular go to gardening gloves are pink, and are also by Town & Country. They’re reliable, but somehow I do seem to go through quite a few, and I’m not quite sure why. While I do always wear gloves while gardening, I don’t think I go through them due to some kind of extreme gardening, it just seems to be the way it goes.

I always revert to buying the same sort - or style? (do gardening gloves have style, now that’s a whole other question I’m sure!), because I know they fit. They don’t have overly long fingers which mean they’re useless, and of course they’re pink. I mentioned before I like a pink gardening glove or two. Actually two gloves are better than one…

So when Wilkinson Sword offered me a different type of (thankfully pink) gardening gloves, I was sceptical. But then again, they were pink and so I thought I could definitely give them a go. And last weekend I did.

Ulitmax gardening gloves by Town & Country

I needed to dig my way into the greenhouse, which had become another storage space for our winter garden. And while I wasn’t expecting it to be mucky, I know what I’m like, and so the gloves went on. The blurb on the label says that these Ultimax gloves have “an innovative design offering an extremely close fit for unequaled dexterity.”

A rather full greenhouse

The palm of the gloves do look very high tech - there’s textured pads for grip and extra protection. And while the photo below looks as if there’s holes in the fingertips of my first two fingers, there isn’t, that’s the texture pads. You can see it more clearly on the thumb in the photo below.

ultimax - padded but still flexible

The gloves did fit well, the velcro fastening at the wrist kept them on, and I was able to pick things up that perhaps I wouldn’t have in my other pink gloves. I’m not sure I’d be able to sow tiny seeds in these gloves, but then again I’m not sure I’d want to. Even me, who’s someone not keen on having mucky hands, thinks that sometimes you have to feel the soil, and sowing seeds is one of those times.


Thankfully there was nothing nasty or slimy lurking in my greenhouse and it wasn’t long before I’d cleared a space and found a new home for the things I’d moved. Something - a squirrel perhaps - had been in the greenhouse as pots had been disturbed and overturned, but whatever it was seems to have moved on.

The only downside for me with these gloves is the labels (see the photo above). They’re quite large, and while I’m glad this size label isn’t on the inside as that would most likely be uncomfortable, I’m not sure what value these labels add. They stand out literally and visually and I suspect I’ll be cutting them off as I found them distracting - but then again I’m not much of a label lover, and regularly cut them out of clothes too, so it could just be me, but if they were half the size then I think they’d be less intrusive.

Much clearer

I’ve still some more to do in here - including sowing some seeds and rearrange the benches so there’s more space to move in here, and hopefully incorporate some more growing space too. But these new Ultimax pink gloves are a keeper, and on their first outing had quite a workout.

A good day's gardening

Overall, it’s a thumbs up from me.

* While this item was gifted by Wilkinson Sword, I was under no obligation to share it here on my blog.

Tiles galore at the Social Eating House

A couple of weekends ago we were off out in town celebrating quite a major milestone. The milestone isn’t important for this post, but I’d recommend a visit to Jason Atherton’s Social Eating House if you get a chance. The food - and the cocktails in the Blind Pig bar upstairs - were sublime. As a special treat, and because I suspected the restaurant that MOH had booked as a treat was a steakhouse, I didn’t even order steak, opting instead for the pork dish. Somehow I managed to choose the dishes, for each course, that came with sauce that needed pouring out as it was served, I think MOH was quite envious.

But this post isn’t about the food either. I mean, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t check out the loos, would it? And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t!

a high cistern and decorative edging tiles

I’m not sure what your reaction was to those tiles, but mine was definitely wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen, what I would usually class as edging or topping tiles used in this way, and boy was it effective. I’m not sure it’s a cost effective way of decorating your loo, and that was borne out by the plain, and more usual, tiles on the adjacent walls. But it’s certainly a way to make an impact.

plain and patterned tiles combined in the ladies at the Social Eating House in Soho

Although potentially not the most hardwearing of approaches. The chain seems to have caused some wear, and I can’t decide if that adds to or detracts from its charm.

patterned tiles with some wear by the chain pull

The colour of the tiles, both plain and patterned, meant it was a darker space than we’d have in our bathrooms at home. But while it was moody, it didn’t feel dark. The lights were pretty special too, they had to be really didn’t they?

dark tiles and a ribbed light

I hadn’t noticed the tiles around the sink to start with - I think I was still in awe at those edging tiles, and wondering why (apart from the price) that I’d not seen something like this before. Naturally you’d expect the splashback area by the sinks to echo the plainness of the other walls, but that’d be where you’d be wrong. As instead there was something different, but entirely in keeping, instead.

more ornate tiles above the basins

And just so you can see the whole effect, complete with dark wood, here’s a view from the basins.

A dark but definitely not gloomy ladies loo

And this was the top that when I put it on MOH asked why I was dressed so plainly. Charming hey? I think I’d go with understated, and classic. And it gave me the perfect opportunity to wear some nude heels, although they were later swapped for trainers on the way home.