Post Comment Love 21-23 September

Hello there and welcome to this week’s PoCoLo, if you were here last week it was great to see you and if you’re new here, then it’s great to see you. I’m sure you’ll find some great posts to read, and you never know perhaps some new to you blogs as well.

Last week you’ll remember that I was expecting my work life to return to a less busy level now that the new building was finally open. But it seems that was just wishful thinking, it hasn’t been quite so busy, that’s true. But it is, and I am, still busy, which is rather disappointing. On the plus side though I did leave work at five on Monday, and I have had lunch a couple of days too. Don’t get me wrong, I always eat, but this week I’ve got better at getting away from my desk, and it’s true what they say, it is rather good for you.

Don’t feel too sorry for me though as it’s not been all work. On Tuesday I went along to a private viewing of In The City in Greenwich and it was easy to spot my favourite exhibit. I’m pretty sure you won’t be surprised either.

In The City at the University of Greenwich

Blogger Showcase: Caroline from Caroo Makeup

Caroline is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger who’s also studying Mental Health Nursing. Morgan is hosting Caroline’s full set of answers, but before you pop over there to find out more here’s a snippet. Caroline started blogging as a pastime, loves writing and sharing reviews and opinions, but finds taking pictures for her blog the most challenging. And the question you want to know about most - it’s coffee and cake!

Pop over and say hello to Caroline on her social channels: Twitter - Instagram - Pinterest

For the love of wood

You’ve probably seen the contemporary concave shelving by Jointed & Jointed, but may not have known who it was by. You might not have seen some of their other designs though. They were at Grand Designs earlier this year and their stand was one that just encouraged you (or me at least) to walk around it ‘stroking’ the furniture, while trying not to of course.

I think it’s the grain on this bureau that makes it work and gives it its contemporary feel, and I think I’d definitely feel more organised. Perhaps momentarily, but I’m sure I would!

A wooden bureau or writing desk at Grand Designs Live 2018

The shelving unit with its boxed ‘zones’ also appeals to me. For me it’s the irregularity that appeals, for MOH it’s the irregularity that he’s not so keen on. If I thought it was something that would work in our house, then I think this would be worth the work that would be required to pave the way for this one.

There's something comforting about everything having its space

What I wasn’t expecting to see was a wooden desk lamp - well you wouldn’t would you? But after seeing it, I kind of wondered why not?

A light in wood, wouldn't be your first thought would it?

But the item that really captured my attention was this tower of wooden shoe boxes - I think the shoes could do with more work, but that’s by the bye. I spent a fair amount of time admiring this walnut tower of loveliness which was commissioned by Wallpaper* magazine for their Handmade series.

shoe boxes with a difference

MOH could spot the signs and moved quickly, pointing out that I’d need several of these or have to have severe clear out. He needn’t have bothered though as I’d already spotted the £4k+ price tag, and yet it was still lovely.

Nifty shoe storage at Grand Designs Live

There’s nothing else for it, I’ll need a dressing - or more appropriately - a shoe room, that makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

Some triangular planting

I shared a while back how we’d softened our gabion seating area with planting, and that’s working out well. Recently I’ve moved some self-seeded foxgloves into the baskets, along with some self propagated ornamental grasses, and I had plans to complete the planting, but hadn’t quite worked out how until recently.

The way we’d placed our gabion baskets in an almost curve meant that we had triangular shaped gaps in between each basket. My plan was to plant this with herbs, to soften the area still further. I thought I’d use the same membrane to line the space, but it was a much smaller space and trickier than I’d hoped it would be.

And so I paused. And thought. For about a year and a bit.

And then inspiration struck.

Compost bags, they would work, and so inspired, I tried it. And it was a much easier way to ‘line’ these spaces, look:

A triangular gap in our gabion basket layout

To act as a proper container though, the compost bags needed some holes for drainage. Cue some fun with a garden fork, a compost bag on the grass and my boot. Holes made and I was well away.

making good use of a spare compost bag

The bags were in place, filled with soil - some of the remaining ‘spare’ soil I have in a hidey place in the garden at the bottom, some leaf mould and some of my newly discovered compost on the top. And two, now rather straggly, camomile plants to complete the job.

Getting ready to plant camomile in my gabion basket gaps

And I think this could work.

I'm hopeful for a fragrant seating area

I have just realised though that I haven’t checked on them for a while, so I’m hoping they’re fairly resilient, keep your fingers crossed for the camomile….