An autumnal feel with pops of summer colour

I've been meaning to write this post since last weekend when I popped out into the garden and found more colour than I was expecting to see. I'd convinced myself that everything had turned autumnal almost overnight - and it almost did - but it seems my garden isn't quite ready to give up its colour. With a blast of sun shining on it too, it'd be easy to convince ourselves that maybe it was more like summer after all, but only for a moment!

The blue geranium seemed to be enjoying the sun as much as me, I'd not noticed before but it almost has a white ring at its centre as well as tie and dye like petals!

The geranium enjoying a spot of sun

The patio pots I planted up at the start of June are only just coming into their own, as you can see I've still flowers in bud but these impatiens are doing well, even if they're a bit nibbled. I'd bought some really small lucky dip plug plants and while they were good value, they've taken a while to actually flower in our north facing garden so it's not something I think I'll be doing again next year.

Pretty in pink in the pots

The hardy fuchsia provides another pop of colour as we walk up the garden and despite giving it a serious hacking earlier in the year, it's still flowering and is giving the pyracantha berries in the background a good run for their money.

Hardy fuchsias still adding colour

The sedums are just starting to add some autumnal pink in the garden, we've these throughout the garden in clumps which works to unify our space. I was especially pleased to see these looking so well as these are the ones planted in my gabion planters, I'm taking it that they're happy there!

sedums starting to turn pink

In the sleeper bed I'd randomly planted some of my seedlings - and then promptly forgot about them - until now that is, this beautiful cosmos has just started to flower and it's great to see its vibrancy as I turned the corner of our garden.  I quite like the idea of forgetting where I'd planted seedlings, as it does bring a nice and unexpected surprise, well as long as MOH doesn't mistake them for weeds as they're not marked that is!

A cosmos in the sleeper bed

I've also discovered a little friend looking for a new home. It must have been quite traumatic for him/her while I was watering the plants.  I hope I haven't washed away any chance of a family they'd been busy with.  He was persuaded to look for alternative accommodation gently, and encouraged to hop over the lawn back into the beds for safety, so hopefully he'll be fine. We see several toads in our garden, and hear them rustling their way through the garden after dark "on manoeuvres" and we definitely have less slugs and snails where we see the toads, so they're a good thing to have.

Someone looking for a new home - and was told to hoppit

Not such a good thing to have right now is squirrels.  They are fast becoming the bane of our garden, what with their digging and sudden penchant for my succulents. I've many leaves that have come away from the plant, and while I know I can grow new plants from them, and I'm in danger of being overrun by succulents, it'd be much better for the leaves to stay attached in the first place.

The squirrel is also popping into the greenhouse and digging, not in a helpful way though. In much the same way as he's - or they've - been digging in the grass. MOH is far from pleased about how many holes he has in his grass at the moment, and if I were the squirrel I would be giving MOH quite a wide berth.

succulents surviving the squirrel's attention

On the plus side I should be able to fill another trug with all these new succulent plants, or start my own succulent business!!

Near the patio the hibiscus has continued to flower, it seems to still be enjoying the weather although I've got my eye on it and the forecast. I'm still in two minds what to do with it over the winter, but a more pressing concern is what to do with it when we're away in October, in case there's an unexpected cold snap.

The hibiscus seems happy and continues to flower

I found some pots at the back of the garden which I'd also potted up with those tiny bedding plants that are in full flower and conveniently they were red and white so they've been brought down to the front of the garden to keep the hibiscus company, and with the added advantage of giving the illusion of colour throughout the garden when looking from the house.

The pear tree at the back of our garden is full of pears. We gave the tree quite a severe pruning in the Spring and this is how it repays us, I'm not hopeful for the fruits being edible though as we've not had much success in the past. They are rock hard and the longer we leave them on the tree, the more likely that pesky squirrel is to have sunk his teeth into them.  

pears which are no doubt as rock hard as ever!

If you've any ideas on how I can win with these pears, I'd love to hear them.


Post Comment Love and Blogger Showcase 22-24 September 2017

Hello there and welcome to another Friday and another #PoCoLo!  Despite best intentions I seem even more behind than before but as ever I've a master plan to correct that, and if all else fails please know I will get to your post soon. If you were here last week, it was great to see you and I know there's some great posts in my reading list, and if you're new here this week then welcome, it's great to have you along.

In the past week I fell back in love with my plot (well, maybe not the weeds) and with the garden and took a day off to head to Doncaster for a whole day of crafting. It involved colouring, cutting out and a laminator and you may have already spotted the results on instagram. It was great, and a little bit indulgent, to take a day off work for this but it was good to see the Fellowes set up first hand to and to meet up with other bloggers too - look out for more on the day soon.

There were some fantastic brownies there - actually the food and hospitality were brilliant all day - but looking through my photos from the week, this blondie from Miss Friday Bakery had to be the one to share. At the time of writing this post, it was still in the wrapper - but I think you know me well enough by now, to not ask if it's still intact!

Blondies by Miss Friday

Blogger Showcase: Penny from Pebble Pen

 1. Who are you?

Penny from Pebble Pen

I'm Penny Dawinter, 19 year old student, born in Hertfordshire, raised in Kent, flirted about with Hampshire & Wiltshire before settling in Yorkshire with my gamer boyfriend, Joel. Surrey is the next great adventure! An ex-bookseller at Waterstones and avid book-blogger. Lover of life, flowers, books, tea, coffee, cats, dogs and all sorts! Too many passions and too little time! My profile picture was drawn for me at London Comic-con (and yes I actually wore the ears!), and my blog is Pebble Pen.

2. How did you discover blogs/blogging?

I read other blogs like girlxoxo and the Waterstones blog. I read a friend’s art blogs and had a tumblr account for a short while as well. I did a creative writing AS course and was encouraged from there to post on a blog regularly, but my fiction pieces were rarely ever blog post length!

3. Why did you start blogging?

I started working at a book store and from there it just flowed. I love meeting people that share my passion, and outside of work, that didn’t really happen, so I formed my book blog. It’s still got a way to go but I’m proud to call it mine.

4. What do you find most challenging?

Finding an audience of genuine people that will enjoy my blog posts. I am active on social media, replying to other bloggers posts and following them, but sometimes it just seems like I’m collecting statistics and not real people that enjoy reading and can give constructive advice to improving the blog. 

5. What is your favourite topic to write about?


6. Are you blogging for fun or do you have goals?

I blog for fun, as I think everyone should, but I have goals also. I want to make a bit of pocket money from it, but have no great ambition as far as worldwide blog stardom is concerned! My goals are a few posts a month and to make the blog a little bit better every so often.

7. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

The reading part! But second best the writing part! Third best is the fantastic people I’ve met! And fourth is making the blog all pretty and stuff!

8. Have you ever attended a blogging conference?

Nope, sadly enough.

9. What are your three best posts?

1st: January 2017 Monthly Motif Challenge - Pantomime Laura Lam

2nd: Borne - Jeff Vandermeer

3rd: Romana's Freedom - M.P.A. Hanson

10. Describe yourself in three words:

Please God no.

11. Are you a tea and biscuits or coffee and cake person?

Coffee and cake!!!

12. What is your idea of the perfect night out?

A meal and a few drinks with a close circle of friends that I can get excited about and dress up. Chatting and catching up with people I haven’t seen in a while. Joking, laughing and enjoying good pub food. 

13. Your perfect night in?

Me and Joel, a flawless Indian takeaway (delivered early of course and with tons of free poppadums) watching a Studio Ghibli film with the duvet around us on the sofa and the dog snuggled in somewhere too. Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. I also get hand-fed chocolate in this scenario too.

14. What would your best friend/OH/mum or kids say was your best quality?

Best friend: optimism and sense of humour

OH: honesty

Mum: generosity

Kids: WOW hold the phone I’m only 19 gimme a chance!

Thanks Penny for sharing your answers it's great to find out more about you and your blog, and I hope you'll find some new blogs and connections through this feature, don't forget to grab your "I was featured on PoCoLo badge" for your blog!

If you'd like to be featured in a future Bloggers Showcase then please do get in touch, our waiting list has just inched into 2018 (I know, that's scary!) but Morgan and I would love to add you to this list.

Aubergine, petrol blue and grey patterned tiles at the Ideal Home Show

After sharing the bedroom and bathroom room sets last week, this time it's the turn of the kitchen and dining room. Both of which have similarities, with deep colours, grey patterns and wood. Let's start in the dining room, where the wools have an aubergine feel to them. The unusual addition for me was the green chairs, initially I thought no, but they grew on me.

all of the roomset's features in one shot

It was the floor though that was the real winner for me - just look at those tiles. And actually it's the green chairs that make it all hang together, so it just goes to show that sometimes doing something out of the ordinary - and out of what you think your colour scheme is, or should be - makes it work.

Just look at that floor in the dining room set at the Ideal Home Show - isn't it gorgeous?

I liked the clever wood storage, close to the wood burner. I can see it would avoid arguments about whose turn it was to venture outside and get the next batch of wood for the fire!  Although if we had a wood burner, it would clearly be MOH's job, I mean... man, fire, enough said.

inbuilt wood storage that will prevent arguments about who has to go into the cold to get the logs!

You'll remember we contemplated many wooden tables and eventually ended up with a white glass table (yes, it makes no sense, but we fell in love with it), and we were also contemplating a mix of chairs and benches, so it was good to see them still around.  I liked the glass fronted storage too, and MOH renewed his campaign for new dining room lights.  I'll admit they would go in our space, with our table but I think it restricts how we could use the space, even more than our existing light.  

So he's still unsuccessful, but the room was a hit for us. And I knew if I tried for long enough I'd find a kind of aubergine he liked!

bench seating and storage in the dining room set at the Ideal Home Show

And a winner of a kitchen too

Our kitchens in this house have both been high gloss and they suit our space. This wooden unit and splash back is the closest we've seen to a kitchen that would work. I liked the nod to the grey tiled flooring behind the cooker, but MOH was bemused by the knobs that the chopping boards were hanging from, and the crockery spacers in the open draw.

Peeking into the kitchen roomset at the ideal home show

The big central island was a dream, and full of storage too. One day (I hope) I'll have a kitchen that can accommodate something like this. And a huge larder storage too.  I'm sure though my kitchen would never quite look so well put together, or as tidy, but I'm ok with that as it's a room set and not a real room...

A large central island in the kitchen roomset at the ideal home show

And everyone knows the best cooks are messy cooks, and those that use every utensil you own, right?  Well that's what MOH says anyway!

What do you think - could you live with either of these rooms, or elements from them?

Home Etc