Post Comment Love 19 - 21 October

Hello there and welcome to this week’s #PoCoLo - if you were here last week, it was great to see you and if you’re new here this week, then hello you’re very welcome. Morgan and I are sure you’ll find some great blog posts to read, and after all, that’s what linkys are about isn’t it, and it’d be great if you could show some extra love to the posts that are linked up.

We spent last week in the Umbrian countryside doing very little at all. That wasn’t necessarily our plan before we left but with a busy run up to our time away it was much needed. There was plenty of reading, and as the weather was in the mid twenties there was some time relaxing in the sun.

The owner’s cat where we stayed took a liking to us, and spent an afternoon curled up on my lap - I’d forgotten how sharp and like needles claws can be. The next day the cat tried its luck with MOH, and won the battle of the chair relatively easily, mostly because I’m not sure MOH knew the chair was the battleground. Not only did it win the chair, but there was a tickle too…

The cat won the battle of the chair

Blogger Showcase: Anna from Yes, Little Hummingbird?

Anna’s description of herself made me smile, she says it’s a pretty way of saying she’s a creative type and like many bloggers she finds creating content challenging because she considers her life incredibly boring, even though her favourite topic to write about is adventuring. And her best quality, well her husband says it’s the passion for the little things, which makes him slow down and stop being so bitter.

Morgan’s hosting Anna’s full answers to our questions this week, so do pop over and find out more.