Style at the Sipping Room

Now the weather is starting to turn, autumn’s really on its way isn’t it? I’m sharing some interiors inspiration from The Sipping Room, a bar in London’s Docklands. It’s full of fur, either cushions or throws, and is just the snuggly kind of decor that feels right for now, and for before we put the heating on. You haven’t broken yet, have you?

The bar was the venue, or rather the base, for the launch of Heston’s Everdure range in the UK. The launch took place outside, as it’s hard to launch a barbecue range indoors isn’t it? The day was sunny, but that was deceiving and I’m pretty sure at one point we were quite tempted to head inside. But the food, and oh the food, that was outside, and who was going to turn down food cooked by Heston’s team? Exactly.

A high bar stool and cosy cushion

I’ve already shared the loos from there, like you do. Or rather, like I do. And they did quite possibly have the prettiest geometry… The bar’s interiors though was quite different and much darker, full of wood, texture and pops of colour. And it worked.

cosy furs and cushions for extra comfiness

There were spaces for dining and socialising, and in each space there was lighting and comforting throws, or cushions.

circular booths create cosy spaces
a wooden bar, open shelves and bar stools with clever lighting

The bar, as you’d expect had its own design treatment with clever lighting and inviting high stools, which you couldn’t help but just perch on while your drinks arrived. I’m sure the space has a buzzy and vibey feel on usual days, but being there for a private event meant I got to take photos I wouldn’t usually get to take, and it was great.

women are made to be loved

There was one similarity with the loos, and that’s the quotes. This one, so true, hey?

Women are made to be loved, not understood.
Oscar Wilde.

Love this #87 Touchdown table

I’m delving into my photos from this year’s Ideal Home Show for today’s post, and sharing a piece of furniture that not only looks good but is practical too. I’m sure many of us have charging wires trailing about, and never really having the right charging cable in the right place. I’ve solved that by having several cables, one of which always lives in my handbag, just in case.

But imagine if you could just put your phone down and it would charge. I know right, but you can. But what about if that table also acted as a speaker. And looks good too. May I present the Touchdown Designer Table:

A stool or side table

And to blow my mind even more, you can connect more than one table to each other wirelessly for complete surround sound and/or multi room playing. They’re not cheap at almost £300 put equally if it’s functional and stylish it’s worth considering isn’t it?

They come in different finishes and fabrics and I think they’re definitely one to watch for the future.

touchdown charging

Though, if you remember my bedside table, it’s unlikely that any side table of mine will ever look this clear.

But what do you think, is this something you have, or would have?

Dark and blowsy

It’s not quite the golden loo that went missing from Blenheim Palace, and I don’t have anything comparable. But I do have plenty of loos. Or rather photos of them. This one’s one from Grand Designs last year, where of all things they had a whole section dedicated to the smallest room, and the Lavatory Project. Who’d have thought hey?

Today’s Lavatory Project is potentially a bit marmite, if you can be a bit marmite!

dark wallpaper and a dark mirror

I’m very much of the opinion that you can go bold in a small space, and especially in a downstairs loo. But then again I don’t have one, so it’s easy to say that isn’t it? I like how the frame of the mirror is also dark, and the wall lights either side of it too.

There’s hints of copper too, which works well with the pink flowers and the splashback tiles.

dark wallpaper and a white suite

I’m not sure about the potted plants in the loo, or the gardening tools, but I guess some artistic licence in this environment is allowed!

pale pink tiles behind the sink

Yes, see what I mean about the watering can. Though it’s a very nice watering can!

And with a room with dark decor, light is even more important than normal. Alongside the wall lights, there’s an overhead industrial pendant light - the sort that you regularly see on Salvage Hunters (yes, I’m still working my way through hundreds of episodes), though this one picks up on the copper theme again.

an industrial light with a copper inner

What do you think?