Post Comment Love 5-7 October

Hello there and welcome to this week’s #PoCoLo - if you were here last week, it was great to see you. If you’re new here this week then you’re very welcome. Both Morgan and I are pleased you’ve joined us and we’re sure you’re going to find some great posts to read again this week.

This week I think I’ve survived on tea, and actually I’m fine with that. It really does cover all occasions doesn’t it. Thirsty, drink tea. Need to ponder, drink tea. Not sure what to do next, drink tea. Catch up with friends, drink tea (and then drink something stronger, obviously). Chill out, drink tea. Recover, drink tea.

It’s a good reminder to pack some in our suitcase. And yes, I will. We’re going self-catering, and while I’m happy to buy most things when we arrive, perhaps not tea. We didn’t take tea to Yorkshire, but since we’ve been back we’ve only bought the Yorkshire sort. That’s probably one of our most unusual holiday legacies though.

And so with all this talk of tea, it’s only fitting that my picture is of tea too. And my tea-tiere (like a cafetiere, but for tea, and yes that might not be a real word!)

posh tea on our drinks trolley

And sorry, if all this talk of tea has made you thirsty. I’ll have one too when you put the kettle on!

Blogger Showcase: Emma from Bee Money Savvy

Morgan is hosting Emma’s full set of answers this week, so do pop over there and find out more about this week’s Blogger Showcase. But before you go, let me tell you a snippet about Emma, who is, I think, the first to specify which type of tea - green, for what you’ll know is my favourite questions.

And one more, as Emma says she wouldn’t be a great money blogger if she didn’t have some kind of money-driven goal, and no prizes for guessing her favourite topic to blog about. But that’s it for me, take a look and find out more, and if you get a chance connect with Emma on her social channels: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Pinterest.

If you’d like to be featured in a future Blogger Showcase, then please answer the questions and get in touch with Morgan or I and we can agree a date.