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The only progress I’ve made since last week on Christmas is the start of Christmas nights out, more mince pies and munching my way through part of the gingerbread house I helped to make at a Neff and Currys PC World blog evening. And while the gingerbread house - and its 3D tree - was a success, it’s not going so well over here, and with that shorter deadline I may even have to go into some actual shops soon.

Wish me luck…

A gingerbread house

Blogger Showcase: Montana from The Moody Mum

1. Who am I?

I am a mama of two who comes from a small hometown, trying to make it as a parent in the city life. I am used to having a yard, and a large space to go outside and play, we are now living in a 1 bedroom apartment - which is surprisingly the norm around here for new families. I had my children very far apart - nine years, so trying to navigate parenting between two very different life stages is a challenge, but one I accept with arms open. I grew up dancing on the stage - ballet and tap, something I still enjoy to this day. I am a huge bookworm, and love to create in the kitchen.

2. How did I discover blogs/blogging?

I have a background in working with people who suffer with addiction problems. As much as I love my job, it really drains me. I was always interested in blogging and creating websites and doing something more for myself, but I never knew what I would write about. Who would want to read anything I created? I had always had this idea to start a blog - and had been following some of my favourites for awhile. It was more a courage thing for me, what if I fail? What if nobody reads it? I finally realised that none of that matters. What matters to me is how I feel when I am writing, and it makes me feel great about myself, a definite sense of accomplishment. 

3. Why did I start blogging? 

I started blogging after I had my daughter. Being at home on maternity leave I have a ton of free time and to be honest, I was getting bored. I finally realised that I have something that interests me, and something that I would enjoy writing about. Being a mama! 

4. What do I find most challenging?

When you are starting out as a blogger, or with any new website really, it takes up a lot of your time. It really is like my third baby these days. Whenever I am not parenting, I am on the computer writing, researching, jotting down ideas for future posts. I know my spouse thinks that I am spending too much time on the computer and maybe I am. Finding a balance is tricky.

5. What is my favourite topic to write about?

I have a lot of information on my site, some about teething, breastfeeding, what stay at home moms do in a day, and those are all great but my number one favourite thing to write about is my day to day life with my family. I am actually a recovering drug addict and have come so far in my life and I don't ever want to take that for granted. My life looked very different not so long ago, and there were times that I had no family around me because I was so deep in my addiction. I am so proud of where I am today, and the family that I have created. 

6. Are you blogging for fun, or do you have goals?

Both! There is a definite plan to create an income out of what I am doing, but I really do love the writing. As long as someone, just one person can take away something from my words than I am happy. 

7. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

That nothing is off limits! You can literally write about ANYTHING, and someone will most likely be interested in it. It kind of reminds me of being young and keeping a journal, it’s like a secret that you write down not knowing if your mom is going to read it. I love seeing the reactions to my posts, and reading all of the comments.

8. Have you ever attended a blogging conference?

No, I have not. It is something that I would love to experience at some point in my life though. 

9. What are your three best posts?

My favourite post so far is: My life as a mom, the things nobody talks about - it is literally the down and dirty nitty gritty details about childbirth and after that nobody ever wants to tell you! 

Happy Six months to our little lady - Marlow's birth story

Outdoor Yoga Benefits - A day with my gal pals

10. Describe yourself in three traits

  • Quirky

  • Particular

  • Sociable

11. Tea and biscuits or coffee and cake? 

Tea and cake, please! 

12. Your perfect night out?

Picnic blanket on the beach with take out watching fireworks or the stars. 

If I had time to plan it would be something out of the norm like a pottery or cooking class.

One thing I want to try is going on a double date where we each buy our spouses an outfit from the thrift store to wear to dinner. That one would be funny! 

13. Your perfect night in?

Bubble bath, candles, a good book, an excellent meal, and not having to clean up after! 

14. My best quality according to my mom?


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