Love This #82: Splashing about in the birdbath

Like you do.

Or rather, like these playful frogs do, even though they’re frozen in time. The sculpture or birdbath just screams movement and fun to me, and it’s the last of the sculptures I’m sharing from the 2018 Chelsea Flower Show. This birdbath, and the others around it, are by Willie Wildlife Sculptures, who on their site have many more great birdbath designs which include birds, dragonflies and even trout.

They’re beautiful and I think I’d have a hard time choosing a favourite, especially now I’ve looked on the site. But as you’d expect for something so lovely, they’re not cheap - the price tag on this one at Chelsea was £2995 - gulp. But it is something that would look good year round and bring structural interest when the rest of the garden was bare, but then again, as MOH has just pointed out so would many things with a lower price tag - he’s ever the practical one. Or perhaps he’s just staking a claim so I don’t flex our credit card, who knows.

Garden Frogs birdbath sculpture at the Chelsea Flower Show

Just a final thought, wouldn’t the frogs look super cute with jumpers on!  I could probably crochet them some, well if I had the birdbath...