Foxgloves on Friday

Well, why not? Since I spotted some growing in my succulents, which isn’t as painful as it sounds, I’ve been fixated on foxgloves. Remembering those I saw at last year’s Chelsea Flower Show I thought it was about time those from the Botanic Nursery, had an airing here. It looks as if the ones below are clambering towards the top of the pavilion last May. I think it’s mostly the angle though, that and trying (and failing, it seems) to get as much foxglove as I could into a single shot.

Foxgloves at Chelsea

I didn’t do any better getting these into the shot either. But I’m forgiving myself for their creamy yellowness, which starts from the fresh lime green.

Foxgloves and a poppy or two too

When you think foxgloves, I’m sure we all think fairly similar. But in the photo above there’s the traditional downward facing bell (the white ones in the background), the creamy yellow in the foreground which is more horizontal and the more flowery purple stems. That messes with our ideals doesn’t it? Thankfully they’re all pretty, so I think they can get away with it.

Pink digitalis at the chelsea flower show

My favourite though are the ones that has the speckled landing strip for bees. And they’re the ones that are most like the ones in my garden, which is lucky isn’t it?