A night at The Grosvenor

You’ll remember we went to a wedding at The Grosvenor recently and for ease and a treat we stayed the night too. I mean, there won’t be many other times staying will be on our list, so it seemed rude not to. On arrival we were both wowed by the entrance and the chandelier hanging above the reception.

The chandelier in the reception at the grosvenor

Our room was a little less grand though.

Our room at The Grosvenor

And as you can see it’s similar to many hotel rooms, although they maximised the London scenes on the wall, which gives you a clue to their more usual market. I think for too much longer than a few nights we’d be running out of room in the room we had. There was cupboard space, but for a short stay we didn’t make much use of those.

I think my favourite part of the room was the soft furnishings, the upholstered chair with the desk and the floor length patterned curtains.

A desk an upholstered chair
Gorgeous floor length curtains

Both added some interest to the room, and looking at it again now, the carpet wasn’t so bad either. Though there’s not many of us that would put checks, swirly paisley-like patterns and stripes together in such a small space, but it didn’t make your eyes hurt.

From the lift lobby - we were on the fifth floor - there was a great view over the station’s platforms. I hadn’t realised before that the hotel was above the station, and even has its own entrance from within the station. Handy for when its raining and you’re in your finery, I’m sure.

A view over the station from the corridor

So there you go, a peek at our night at The Grosvenor. And in case you’re wondering, the breakfast was good, and I can highly recommend the sausages, but some of the chairs were a bit ‘tired’, but it seems the hotel is going through a refurbishment phase so pehaps the restaurant will get a refresh as part of that.

The rooms that they’ve completed are truly stunning, keeping the traditional style but with a modern touch, and are definitely worth a stop if you’re passing.