White and shade, peace and elegance

According to the information alongside this Beautiful Border at Gardeners’ World Live earlier this year, the inspiration for this space came from “the many shady spots that occur in gardens, which can be hard to make look attractive.”

It aims, and I think manages, to take a part of the garden that’s often neglected and unloved and make it lovely and stylish too. It’s simoke colour scheme of green and white, gorgeous tiles and my firm favourite ferns helps create a “magical shady border that really captures the dramatic effect of white and shade.”

fronds of fern and patterned tiles at gardeners' world live
hostas and yellow-y greens spilling over patterned tiles
spot the tile amongst the greenery

It’s also pretty good to look at isn’t it?  I’m imagining a tranquil, urban city space that’s a haven to escape the busyness of life. In reality, this was planted in a small(ish) raised bed outside the NEC in Birmingham, where it rained during our visit - that paints quite a different picture doesn’t it, and if you don’t mind I’m happy sticking with my vision over reality this time round.

What about you?