Post Comment Love 2 - 4 November

Erm, how is it November already?

Sorry, hello and welcome to this week’s #PoCoLo - but I’m sure you know what I mean?

If you were here last week, it was great to see you. If you’re new here this week, then you’re very welcome. Both Morgan and I are sure you’ll find some posts, and possibly new-to-you-blogs, that will keep you entertained. And if you do, don’t forget to share some of that #PoCoLo love and let them know.

How’s your week been?

Mine’s been ok, I’ve managed to shake a bit of the inertia smog but I’m not so keen on it getting dark so early. Or the rain. I don’t mind that it’s turned chillier so much, crisp autumnal days are great, the wet damp ones less so.

I’ve consoled myself with some craft shopping and now I’ve even more projects whizzing around my head and hopefully soon there’ll be some wooly and paper creations to share. I need to write a craft to do list as we hurtle towards Christmas, or else I won’t get anywhere close to what I want to do. Actually I might not get close to what I want to do even with a list, but the list will help me make sure what I’ll class as essentials are done. So that’s something at least.

I struggled to find a photo for this week’s post, but eventually settled on this one from this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, where goodness knows what that pose means, but I’m in the Chelsea hall of mirrors, or as it’s more likely to be, somewhere where I spent some time lusting after a mirror or two.

At the Chelsea Flower Show

Blogger Showcase: Becky from the Bonafide Brunette

Becky is a Canadian blogger who loves fall and believes in karma. She says her blogging challenge is remembering to take cute photos, something I can identify with right now! She’s not a cake gal but has asked for toast with peanut butter instead, which is ok by me, especially as she describes herself as Introverted extrovert and hungry!

Do pop over and check out her full answers on Morgan’s blog this week and take some time to connect with Becky on her social channels: Instagram - Twitter - Pinterest - Facebook