Fog in the park

This year has been a bit of a one for weather, hasn’t it? And it keeps on coming.  The latest instalment was a bit of a pea-souper, or fog if you’ve no idea what I mean, and it made yesterday’s walk to work through Greenwich Park just a little bit more tranquil, and mysterious, than normal.  So much so that I couldn’t help but pause, just for a moment and capture it with my trusty iPhone. 

A view across a tranquil Greenwich Park in Fog
a closer look at the same tree

Somehow the fog makes the trees look more delicate, and more beautiful than they would against the usual morning sky, don’t you think?

Fog in the dip in Greenwich Park

As my route took me through the park I was curious to see how the fog had enveloped it, hugging it’s contours and softening the distant views. 

Trees in the distance and the maritime museum on the right

But, even so, it’s still not what I’d call cold, and that’s something I’ll happily take, but just so you know weather, colder isn’t needed, and nor is any more of your extremes, if that’s ok...