Reflecting on my week #70

As it was turning colder I thought I’d look out my fluffy slippers - I know, how rock and roll? But could I find them? And so I’ve come to the conclusion that in a spate of tidiness and uncluttering I’ve got rid of them, that or put them somewhere very safe. But neither of these were good for warming my feet, and so some replacements were sought. They arrived this week, and are quite bright.



As soon as I saw this neon pink and electric blue colour combination I knew they were for me. I’m less sure about the double fluffy pom pom, the two previous iterations had a single pom pom in the centre, but they’re definitely doing the job.

They also reminded me of a dress I once had, which I loved, and was much better than my description of it will be. Bear in mind it was the 1980s and fluorescents were a thing. This dress was these colours, with a diagonal strip of about a centimetre, it had a square neck and buttoned up off centre from the neckline to the hem. I think I bought it in TK Maxx and wore it with bright blue stockings, yes not tights. I had a cerise coat - with shoulder pads (obviously) that I’m sure was also around at the same time. I loved that dress, but I’d forgotten all about it until I saw these slippers. But my, what’s come of me - from a sassy dress, to brightly coloured slippers - oh my days!

But happy memories.

There’s been more post this week to, and the promise of more to come. Our 2017 photo book arrived and it was great to see MOH’s reactions to the photos I’d chosen. One thing that was clear though was that he remembers different details of our trips away; he’ll remember what he ate where, whereas I have no idea what I ate, but I’m much more likely to remember the decor. But the book, like the year, was a big success with us both. Now I need to work on 2016 and 2018, and editing photos from both years - which I’m sure my laptop will approve of.

The post that’s promised is a competition win, which when I received the email I had no idea what the prize was. But looking back it’s a set of Emerald patterned Fat Quarters, which I can’t wait to receive. I’ve no idea what I’ll do with it, but at the moment it seems that every time I’m on Facebook I see another variation of Pat Sloan’s Oh My Stars quilt, so that might be a contender.

Habit tracking

Using the app seems to be working - I’m drinking more water, taking lunches to work more and using it to encourage myself to walk to and from work every day. Which I’ve impressed myself with, especially as my work days this week seem to have been long with quite a few later-than-I-should nights, which in turn has meant little domesticity during the week and a blitz over the weekend.

I think I might also need to set up a new habit to watch some of the many, many episodes of Salvage Hunters we have recorded. It’s a recent discovery, and wow - how did I not know about this show before. We’re both hooked, and just have the 30+ episodes to watch…

And I’ve finally opened the Bendicks Bittermints that somehow got missed at Christmas, be warned, they may not last long - and it’s almost a miracle that they’ve survived this long.