52 Cookbooks #10: Choc chip cookies

I've become rather partial to the odd choc chip cookie or two, especially the giant ones that M&S sell. They're 59p each though and while that won't break the bank, it all adds up. They helpfully sell a five pack for £2, but unfortunately where choc chip cookies are involved my willpower disagrees that these should last a week...

So imagine how pleased I was to find a choc chip cookie recipe as I browsed through the book that accompanied the second series of The Great British Bake Off.

I thought I should definitely give this a go, nothing to do with the fact that the recipe says "makes 24" honest! The recipe itself is straightforward enough, although there is a random ingredient listed: 50g of chopped pecans or walnut pieces.

I went along with the recipe adding some walnut pieces and wondered if they were that good in choc chip cookies why didn't Mr M&S include them...

The trickiest part of the recipe (apart from not eating the cookie dough!) was laying the heaped teaspoons out on baking trays and knowing how much to use to get to the magical number of 24.  I didn't make it to 24 in the end, it was nearer 20. Ok it was 18 but I don't think I ate six cookies worth of cookie dough so perhaps mine were larger. They're not as giant as the M&S ones though, which is a very good thing.

This is the second batch waiting to go into the oven. I realised mine weren't spreading as the recipe said so used a teaspoon to flatten these before they went in the oven. They looked good when they came out.

The verdict:

  • These were quick to make and quick to cook (each batch was in the oven for 9 minutes)
  • The walnut pieces alongside the choc chips were ok, but I'd probably use more chocolate next time
  • As you may have gathered from that last comment I'd make them again, actually I'd try some of the other biscuits in the book or experiment with some stem ginger with dark choc chips...
  • You could fancy these up, if you needed to by dipping half into chocolate and leaving to set
  • I'm sure these are way better for me than the giant ones I mentioned earlier, but I do wonder how I'm going to make them last!

Thanks again to Mary at Keynko for hosting, and be sure to check out her Chocolate and Honeycomb Cheesecake.